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TPLF says internally displaced people will be returned while armed 

Tadesse Worede _ TPLF _ Wolkait
Tadesse Worede during a presser this week. (photo : PD)


Toronto – Vice  President of Tigray Regional Interim Administration, Tadesse Worede who was also commander of the TPLF forces during the two-year war against the Abiy Ahmed-led Federal Government,  conspicuous about the arrangement to return internally displaced people.  In a presser with Tigray journalists, aired on Monday, he said “Internally Displaced People” who were armed before they were displaced will be returned to their areas as armed residents. 

He reiterated that the IDPS will be returned to Wolkaite by the end of June. It means that the government structure in place under Colonel Demeke Zewdu will be dismantled – something that is not acceptable to them. It may mean war. However,  Tadesse Worede seems to be confident about the Federal government forces’ capability to handle the situation.  

For Tadesse Worede, the return to IDPs should have happened earlier. He blamed the delay on the Ethiopian Defense Force.  He called the administrative structure, as the Tigray Interim Administration has been claiming, in Wolkait as illegal and that it must be dismantled. 

The TPLF forces – with reported support from the Federal government – dismantled the administration in Raya Alamata area – which the TPLF administration calls “South Tigray.”  Last month, it deployed a huge force and took control of four districts displacing more than 36,000 residents from the area – as reported by OCHA. In what appears to be a nominal lip service, the Federal government  “condemned” the TPLF’s action as something that violates the Pretoria Peace Agreement – which ended the two-year war.  

The TPLF or the Interim Tigray government sees the dismantling of the non-ethnic Tigray Administration in areas it annexed after toppling Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam’s government in 1991  ( now “Western Tigray” and “South Tigray” ) as something as part of the “implementation” of the Pretoria agreement. During the process leading to the Pretoria Agreement, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared in the Ethiopian Parliament and told parliamentarians that it is not the business of the mediators ( by implication the Agreement) to deliberate on the status of Wolkait and Raya. Now, it appears to be evident that he has formed a political and military alliance with the TPLF, singling a nod about TPLF’s claim of Wolkait and Raya. His ruling Prosperity Party delegation had already three rounds of political dialogue under the guise of the “implementation of Pretoria agreement.” 


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