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TPLF , Abiy Administration discuss restoration of service in TPLF occupied areas of Raya

TPLF _ Tigray Interim gov't _ Federal
Tadesse Worede ( Deputy President of Tigray Interim gov’t) (Photo : PD)


Toronto – The Transitional Tigray regional government announced that it is holding a discussion with the Federal government on ways of resuming services in the districts in Raya. 

Wazema Radio, on Monday, said it received information from the interim administration that “the interim Tigray regional administration and the Federal government” are discussing restoring services. 

The Federal government did not confirm or deny but from Ethiopian News source’s reports in the past few weeks it is apparent that the Federal government is supporting the TPLF administration in Raya – the part of Ethiopia to which the TPLF administration has been referring to as “South Tigray” while the diplomatic community and Abiy Ahmed’s administration regularly employed the description “contested area.”  

Wazema radio also reported that it heard from residents in the area that government institutions and service delivery departments remained closed. 

According to the OHCA report, more than 36,000 residents were displaced from four districts of Raya after the TPLF forces took the areas by military force. TPLF denies that residents were displaced. Wazema radio cited Haftu Kiros, “South Tigray Zone Administrator,”  as saying that “maybe those who were working within the demolished government structure might have been displaced, not residents.” 

The Amhara regional state has not remarked on the claim from the Tigray Interim Administration’s alleged discussion with the Federal government. 

News of Division within TPLF 

While the TPLF and the Tigray region interim administration are relentlessly working to bring the Wolkait and Raya areas under its control and engaging with the diplomatic community, rumors are circulating about “division” within the TPLF and the Tigray Interim government. 

It has been customary for TPLF leaders to project an image of “disagreement” within the organizations (the Interim administration in the region is essentially TPLF – and in several ways) whenever TPLF is pursuing political or military goals under difficult circumstances.  The organization is still untied and its forces are reportedly fighting in Sudan on the side of the Sudanese government – a strategic initiative to maintain an alliance with the Sudanese government which is believed to be important for “Tigray” in connection with the Wolkait situation and beyond. 

Meanwhile, there has been a discussion in Mekele, the seat of the Tigray regional administration, on ways of demobilizing and reintegrating TPLF combatants into society. This year, Getachew Reda, Interim President, unveiled that the TPLF still has over 270,000 armed combatants.

Federal government representatives, Tigray Region Interim Administration leaders, and the African Union committee for following up on the implementation of the Pretoria agreement are attending the meeting, according to a BBC Amharic report.  


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