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“Ethiopia’s political crisis can not be solved by the ruling party,” says Lidetu Ayalew

Ethiopia political crisis  _ Lidetu Ayalew
Lidetu Ayalew (Photo : SM)


Toronto, May 11, 2024  – Former leader of Ethiopian Democratic Party, Lidetu Ayalew who is currently in what appears to be an exile state of existence in North America, is once again making headline in the Ethiopian media outlets after he announced a document highlighting the importance of an arrangement for a  transitional government.

“The reform that started six years ago has irreversibly failed,” Ethiopian Media Services on Saturday quoted Lidetu as saying. 

Abiy Ahmed took power in April 2018 following a long and arduous political evaluation of the then ruling coalition – Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) – now defunct, in response to prevalent anti-government protest across the country.   The Evaluation of the party at the time was that that party has failed the country and the public – especially in the areas of human rights, democratic space in the country and press freedom. As it turns out , the situation in the country has been worsening.  

Lidetu Ayalew argues that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government lacks not only the competence and experience to resolve the crisis in Ethiopia but also the [political] will and interest in transitioning Ethiopia to a better path. 

“Because Abiy Ahmed’s regime is prioritizing its power consolidation rather than public safety and security of the country, it has become clear that the country is plunging down to the depth further,” Lidetu wrote in the proposal he prepared in Amharic. In an interview with EMS, he said the two parts proposal will be distributed in the Ethiopian Media outlets. It is prepared as a discussion paper. 

For Lidetu, the “political crisis the country is experiencing is not something that could be resolved by a single political party, the retime or government.” The solution is an “all inclusive transitional government,” he argues.  It is noticeable that, Lidetu himself noted it, that a growing number of Ethiopian politicians and political entities espoused the idea of transitional government. 

Lidetu  has been extensively appearing on several Ethiopian Cyber Media outlets making cases against Abiy Ahmed’s government in light of worsening security, political and economic situation in the country. 

Under Abiy Ahmed’s administration, Ethiopia experienced a devastating war that is said to have claimed more than one million lives. Currently, the country is in an extended state of emergency and the government is conducting war in the Amhara and Oromia regions of Ethiopia. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government a National Dialogue Committee to resolve the political problem in the country but it did not get the credibility it needs on alleged grounds that it is Abiy Ahmed playing card and lacked inclusivity.


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  1. Let’s all heed to this patriot’s call and come together to find doable and constructive game plan to solve the problems proven to be so deadly and destructive to that country we still adore. I have said this umpteen times in the past. If you split it wide open and examine it, you will find out that the primary critical existential problems that member of my Itu clan is facing daily are no way different for what that city and village dweller in Amhara, Afar, Somali, Tigray or any other region is facing on daily basis. The only difference is secondary that manifests itself in the magnitude/scale of the problems.

    I have also made it known that the so-called national question has been answered since 1995. I termed ‘the national question’ as so-called because that was borrowed by those who have this deeply seated hatred or contempt for others just because they are not from their ethnicity. Spinning this so-called question has produced the deadliest bigots that country has ever produced. The proof for my claim is in the pudding. The bigots have the ultimate game plan for spinning it. They have this daylight dream to yank away a territory to call it their personal fiefdom. To make their ends meet, they take themselves to the bushes killing and pillaging. As any armed group, if they ever succeed, they will never bring democratic governance to their newly yanked territory. They will have all kinds of lame excuses for their denying their citizens these inalienable rights.

    I have been challenging every one of you to give me one armed group as an example that turned out to be democratic since The American War of Independence. Since then what took armed groups to the bushes in all of Africa, Asia and Central America has been their unquenchable thirst for political power. You don’t need me to prove that to you. All you have to do is to look around in the region. In our old country, what these armed bigots have been facing is the populace has shunned their call to arms. From their daily life experience those upright people know how to single out a lonely cross-eyed bee from among a swarm of millions. That is why these bigots kill citizens as they like it. Enough said about this commie bigots!!!

    So, let’s read and listen to what the dear countryman is proposing with undivided attention. I hope he has published his proposal in various languages including English so we call all read about it.

    Blessings to you and your family!!!

  2. It is quite necessary for the ancient and modern nation of Tigray to exclude and shield itself from the deep crisis in Ethiopia.
    Tigray with its innovative, resilient and had working citizens can quickly raise itself and regain its former status as a sovereign and stable nation.

    • Mr Dilutional,

      If that is the case why people in so many parts of Tigray still beg for water, food, and clothing’s? Plus, your coward TPLF was in power in Ethiopia for almost 30 years and still didn’t show us the part you are talking about. Only people like you benefited from it by grabbing all the resources from Ethiopians, I wish they grabbed all the knowledge the country offers, it could have changed the outcome…

      Most parts of Ethiopia only remember TPLF (out of Tigray region) as murderer, Evil and very backward to the point they underestimated 120m Ethiopians and…. as you can see most of TPLF gangs ended up losing their life while they have Billions of $$$ somewhere. We are working on Tracing all the stolen $$$$

      As an Ethiopian, I will continue to pray for normally born Tigrayans who still love and believe in Ethiopia because Tigray needs Ethiopia more than Ethiopia needs Tigray if we must be honest…

  3. Who in a fully operating mind listens or pay attention to Artist Lidetu Ayalew? Behon Behon Betefeee neber reset madreg…

    He also told us after “Meskerem 30’’ no central government in Ethiopia a few years back while TPLF still neighborhood gang “Federalist Hayloch’’ now dead and still dying…

    Ethiopia not only survived but also grew in so many areas including destroying the home grown treat TPLF and still cleaning across the country,

    Losers like Lidetu Ayalew who many take advantage of less informed Ethiopian diaspora and Ethiopians at home only good to complain….

    While he was enjoying life with TPLF under table, this korkoro let so many Ethiopians killed by exposing them showing love for Ethiopia


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