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USAID Announces $35 Million Project for Health and Nutrition in Ethiopia’s Pastoralist Regions

USAID Deputy Mission Director Eleanor TanPiengco and Dr. Mekdes Daba, Minister of Health, attended the launch of the Lowlands Health Activity, Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa, April 29, 2024. (Courtesy of U.S. Embassy)

U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, May 2, 2024 – USAID Deputy Mission Director Eleanor TanPiengco and Minister of Health Dr. Mekdes Daba inaugurated the USAID Lowlands Health Activity, a five-year, $35 million initiative aimed at improving health and nutrition outcomes for mothers and children in the pastoral regions of Ethiopia. This project, to be implemented by EngenderHealth Inc., along with a consortium of international and local partners, will span 35 districts across the Somali, Afar, Southern Ethiopia, and Oromia regions.

Since 2017, USAID has supported maternal and child health in pastoralist regions through the Transform Health in Developing Regions project, which has advanced key health indicators, such as skilled birth attendance and immunization coverage. The Lowlands Health Activity will offer services to marginalized populations such as primary healthcare, access to quality services, the adoption of healthy behaviors, and health facilities that provide essential reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, adolescent, and nutrition services. The project directly supports the achievements of USAID’s and Ethiopia’s Health Sector Transformation goal, aimed to prevent maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

At the launch event, Deputy Mission Director Eleanor TanPiengco stated, ” The Lowlands Health Activity will enhance access to skilled birth care and comprehensive pre- and post-natal services for mothers, as well as improved healthcare and nutritional services for their children. Additionally, it will aid in the restoration of conflict-affected health facilities in Afar.” 

USAID currently invests over $200 million annually in Ethiopia’s health sector. This new project symbolizes the ongoing partnership between the American and Ethiopian people.

2024 marks an important milestone in the relationship between the people of the United States and the people of Ethiopia. It was 120 years ago that the two countries established formal diplomatic ties and 60 years later that USAID was established in Ethiopia.



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  1. Once again, USA at one of its best. It is now donating $35 million in US dollars to help feed undernourished citizens in the pastoral regions of the old country. It is not giving 35 million dollars of AK47’s and RPG’s. It is life sustaining nutritious food. Right on USA, right on!!!!


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