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Ethiopian President says “We can not continue like this” 

President Sahlework Zewde speaking at the discussion forum (Photo : PD)


Toronto – In her latest critical remarks, seemingly directed at the government of which she is a part, President Sahlework Zewde said that there is no problem in Ethiopia to initiate a dialogue ; the problem is to implement it and the activities are lip service.  “We can not continue like this,” She said. 

She said so during a discussion forum the National Dialogue Commission Organized at Haile Grand Hotel to discuss women’s participation in the national dialogue. 

In her speech, she said if dialogue is not transformed into action it is meaningless.  She remarked that exploiting dialogue to fix a short-term problem is unhelpful in tackling Ethiopia’s problem.  She is of the view that initiating national dialogue should not serve pretension. 

She indicated that Ethiopia is heading to a dangerous situation when he “complex problems in our country should have been resolved through dialogue.” 

She added, “labeling and belittling one another is moving our country in the direction of crisis.”  

Her critical remarks were not covered by state-owned media outlets. 

The President has served as a diplomat for several decades. Her remarks were expressed in very diplomatic language and without a pointing finger. However, it was clear that she was referring to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

The president also underscored the importance of Women participation in the national dialogue and urged them to speak out from their heart. 

This is for the third time that the president has expressed critical remarks on Ethiopian politics and Abiy Ahmed’s administration. 

In her keynote speech on the occasion of the inauguration of Adwa Museum in Addis Ababa in February 2024, she said “The solution [to the conflict situation in the country] is obvious… We all have to return to our senses…” 

In another critical remark on the occasion of the Diplomatic Week Exhibition  in Addis Ababa in January this year, Sahlework Zewde advised political elites and beyond to “reconcile with our history.” 

Ethiopia’s National Dialogue Commission has been preparing, for years now, to organize a dialogue commission, But recently, it has been evident that activists and opposition political parties have been expressing reservations about the neutrality of the commission.  The agenda-setting process and selection of participants have raised eyebrows. The concern, according to some sources, was that the ruling party members were dominating the agenda-setting process. Also, a recent remark from the commission to guarantee safety for armed groups if they lay down their arms brought about confusion as to where the commission draws that authority from. 

 Ethiopia’s National Security Council released a lengthy statement a few days ago in which it discussed the importance of the dialogue commission  work, the steps it completed and what is remaining.


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  1. This article is a qualified misogynistic picking on one of our fire tested and successful women. She has brought grace and honesty to her office. Get it over with!!!


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