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Another major breakthrough as Wollo Fano came under a single command 

Mere Wodajo – now Commander of Wollo Fano Division – speaking after the agreement. Colonel Fantahun is seated to his right. (Photo: screenshot from EMS video


Toronto – In what is said to be another breakthrough in less than two weeks, two major Fano Divisions  in Wollo, Amhara region of Ethiopia, reportedly reached an agreement to unite under a single command .

Ethiopian Media Service (EMS), on Monday, reported that the agreement came after a series of mediation efforts that has been underway for the past few months.

East Amahara Fano under the leadership of Mere Wodajo and Wollo Command division of Fano under Colonel Fantahun Muhabe have agreed to unite, EMS reported. 

Mere Wodajo is named as the Commander of the united force. Colonel Fantahun is named as the Deputy Commander of the forces in Wollo. 

A few weeks ago, Major Fano forces in the Gondar area of Ethiopia agreed to come under a single command structure. A similar development has been reported in Gojjam. 

The remaining is Shoa. Talks are reportedly underway to achieve the formation of a single Fano force.  

Ethnic Amhara activists and politicians have been putting pressure on Fano leaders across the Amhara region to come under a single command structure in the interest of ensuring the realization of the objective to reverse the existential threat against Amhara with minimal sacrifice and shortest possible time. 

Fano Forces have been officially battling against Abiy Ahmed’s Administration since August 2023 – the time when the Federal government declared a state of emergency with a stated objective of “disarming Fano forces” within a few weeks although the state of emergency was initially declared for six months.  As it turns out, Fano’s forces proved to be too strong for the government to defeat and the state of emergency had to be extended by four months after it expired in February this year. 

Despite the mission being to “disarm Fano forces,” reports by human rights organizations in the country and abroad indicated that government forces killed hundreds of unarmed civilians by extrajudicial killings and drone attacks. 

The government has been making repeated claims that it has defeated Fano forces and that it is in the final stage of completing its military mission in the Amhara region. However, the realities on the ground – according to credible local news sources – indicate that Fano Forces are swelling in size and getting more battle experiences. 

Ethnic Amhara activities and politicians are pushing Fano forces to emerge as one under a single military and political leadership. 


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  1. All the communication channels between the regional powers Tigray and Eritrea are closed and the African Union needs to do something about it. While Tigray is for peace and stability in Ethiopia and the region, Eritrea is destabilizing Ethiopia through its Amhara proxies. The African Union and United Nations need to condemn Eritrea. and impose sanctions.


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