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Government Manipulation through Propaganda Films : A Tool for Misleading the Public

Propaganda Films _ Ethiopia

Isael Ze Etiel    

Since the rise of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia has witnessed a surge in the production of government-owned movies aimed at promoting the achievements of the ruling regime. These films, produced by various government institutions such as the Federal Police, National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), FDRE Defense Force, Ethiopia Information Network Security Agency, and Ethiopia Artificial Intelligence Institute, serve as a means to manipulate public opinion and portray a false image of success under the current leadership.

One of the key strategies employed by the government is to focus on extravagant projects such as building parks and riverside developments to attract tourists, while neglecting crucial sectors like job creation. Despite promising to generate 2 million new jobs annually, the government’s failure to prioritize productive industries has led to a lack of employment opportunities for the growing labor force. As a result, the administration has resorted to using propaganda films to divert attention from its shortcomings and showcase a facade of progress.

The Federal Police’s movie “Meleghocu” and NISS’s film “Neserochu (The Eagles)” depict a distorted reality of strength and technological prowess, masking the agencies’ actual weaknesses and inefficiencies. Similarly, the FDRE Defense Force’s production “Sele Enat Meder” perpetuates divisive narratives by portraying certain ethnic groups as perpetual enemies, fueling tensions and undermining national unity.

Furthermore, the recent release of “ASTWULOT” by Ethiopia Information Network Security Agency and Ethiopia Artificial Intelligence Institute continues this trend of misinformation and manipulation. These films aim to create a false sense of security and competence within government institutions, while concealing the harsh realities faced by ordinary citizens.

In essence, these propaganda films serve as a tool for the government to maintain control over public perception and suppress dissent. By perpetuating a narrative of success and strength, the authorities seek to legitimize their rule and deflect attention from their failures. However, it is essential for the Ethiopian people to remain vigilant and discerning in the face of such manipulative tactics, and demand transparency and accountability from their leaders. Only through critical engagement and informed discourse can the truth be uncovered and genuine progress achieved for all citizens.

In conclusion, the proliferation of government-owned propaganda films in Ethiopia reflects a troubling trend of using media to shape public perception and maintain control over the narrative. By presenting a distorted reality that highlights superficial achievements while neglecting critical issues, these films serve to distract from the government’s shortcomings and perpetuate divisive narratives. It is imperative for Ethiopian citizens to remain vigilant, critically analyze the information presented in these films, and demand transparency and accountability from their leaders. By challenging manipulative tactics and advocating for truth and integrity, Ethiopians can work towards a more just and democratic society where genuine progress can be achieved for all.

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