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Ethiopian gov’t forces reportedly shot dead a medical doctor in Debre Markos, Amhara region 

Ethiopian News _ Debre Markos _ Elsabet Teshome
The late Elsabet Teshome (Photo : SM)


Toronto – Citizen reports emerging on social media indicate that militia forces, armed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration to combat Fano forces in the region, shot dead Elsabet Teshome – a dermatologist at Debre Markos referral hospital.

What is confirmed from different social media sources as of now is that she was shot with multiple bullets by gov’t militia gunmen for allegedly supporting Fano forces. 

Sources added that she was mother to twin children. 

Some sources say she was killed on Monday around 4 p.m. along the road to the stadium in the city near Abma branch of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The Militia forces were stopping Bajaja and searching for suspected fano forces. She was reportedly shot in the head. 

Borkena will share more details as it becomes available what hospital sources have to say about it. 

Reputable human rights organizations including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have released extensive rights abuses in the Amhara region by extrajudicial killings and drone strikes against unarmed civilians. On January 29, 2024 at least 50 civilians were dragged to the streets of Merawi – a town in a range of about 35 kilometers to the region’s capital Addis Ababa- and executed them. 

As of now, government officials from the Amhara regions or the Federal government have not remarked on the execution of Elsabet Teshome in Debre Markos


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  1. May she rest in eternal peace! I’m sure her loved ones will be looking after and take good care of her children.

  2. May she rest in eternal peace!
    First and foremost, regardless of socioeconomic status or level of education, every person’s life is valuable and should not be the target of senseless murders. Nevertheless, as you are all aware, practically every doctor in that nation graduated from high school as one of the top students and was then mandated by the government to pursue a degree in medical science. This is meant to emphasize how terrible their loss and unbearable anguish effect not only their friends and family but the entire country. This kind of senseless brutality must end, and Ethiopians as a people will surely never stop lamenting our past and the suffering caused by the genocidal dictatorship for a very long time to come. This type of senseless, heinous murder must stop, and Ethiopians as a people will surely never fully recover from the traumas of the past and the suffering we endured as a result of Abiy Ahmed’s genocide. killing generations, wrecking economies, and accumulating debt so high that future generations will never be able to pay it back. It is imperative to put an end to the senseless massacre of innocent lives of children, elderly men and women, and citizens of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds that have been slaughtered in order to prolong the rule of Abiy Ahmed and his party members.

    ——— USA, take your agent, Abiy Ahmed, back home safely and give peace to our citizens. ——-

  3. So this is your comment on the cold blooded murder of a young woman, a scientist and a mother. Can you read or do you only hear your own cacophonous voice? Oromo militia were stopping Bajaj to find Fano fighters. They murdered this woman with multiple bullets in the head, for “aledged ” connections to the Fano rebels.
    If you are not disgusted by such an act, by the absence of due process, no police inquiries, no court judgment, no justice, no compassion, no common sense, then you are no different to the murderers that slaughtered this young woman in the middle of the road at a checkpoint in early afternoon.
    No one wants to read such a comment. Instead of saying that the perpetrators of this murder should be held accountable for their actions, you give empty wishes that her family will take care of children that were left motherless by some heartless monsters because she was born in the “wrong” tribe!!!???? will you be surprised when they become the new generation of Fanos? Will you blame them for that? What would you do if your mother was slaughtered in such a way?
    So do yourself and the readers of Borkena a favor. Keep your ugly, bs spilling mouth shut for a change. Go hide under in the hole that some unfortunate string of events allowed you to come out and find a public space to spew your smart @ss comments.
    Ato Aba Farta, you are a useless mouthpiece of a genocidal regime, a subhuman who tries to be a smart@ss and at the same time an apologist and supporter of the boy king.
    You and others like you, are the cancer that should be surgically removed from Ethiopia’s body if she is to survive. The only reason that you are allowed to write your disgusting comments is that you can hide behind a little screen and use your little fingers to create confusion, anger and division. Try this face to face with some any Ahmara farmer and you will become gommen fertilizer in an instant, but that’s the internet…it allows heartless cowards like you to have safe space to do Satan’s work. I truly hope and pray for you to come to your senses and repent.

  4. I guess some cruel and faceless individuals expect me to rejoice at the news of this tragic incidence where a young woman and a mother of two angelic children was killed. I don’t take delight at the demise of anyone no matter who they are. The creed I made a commitment to does not allow such barbaric reaction at the deceased. What a world we are coming to?


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