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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed led a support rally in Wolkite, externalizes opposition to his gov’t  

Ethiopian PM _ Welkite
Abiy Ahmed making a speech at Wolkite stadium (Photo : PD)


Toronto – “Defying to be stopped by the challenges we face, we will continue the work we started to make Ethiopia an example of African Prosperity,” Abiy Ahmed told people in Wolkite – central Ethiopia – gathered for a show of support to his party and leadership. The event was apparently organized by the ruling party. 

The  video footage aired on state media, EBC, purportedly shows tens of thousands – presumably from Wolkite and its surrounding –  gathered while Abiy Ahmed was making a speech. In his latest presence at the Ethiopian Parliament Abiy Ahmed said that his ruling party has over 14 million members. 

A couple of weeks ago a similar support rally was organized in Addis Ababa – a city where opposition figures and activists were prohibited to organize a peaceful anti-war demonstration to oppose Abiy Ahmed’s war in the Amhara and Oromia regions.  Many of the organizers were arrested and still remain behind bars- some of them in Awash Arba. 

It was not too long ago when Wolkite itself staged an anti-government strike by organizing stay at homes and other forms of non-violence resistance in connection with a popular demand  for ethnic Guraghe statehood. 

Abiy Ahmed has lost the legitimacy he used to enjoy when he took power in 2018.  In addition the ongoing wars against the government in different parts of the country, crackdown on peaceful dissent and press freedom seems to confirm that. Human Rights Organizations in the country and abroad ,and committees to protect journalists have been releasing reports condemning the state of human rights situation and press freedom in the country. 

Abiy Ahmed portrays the opposition to his government and armed resistances in many parts of the country as the work of forces who seek to divide Ethiopia and weaken the country. 

“For those of you who are in the jungle and Ethiopians in some places, Ethiopia is greater than those who are deploying and paying you,” he is cited as saying. 


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