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UN body reports over 29,000 displaced from Alamata following escalating violence 

UN OCHA _ Ethiopian News _ Alamata
OCHA says the number of displaced people from Raya area could increase


Toronto – Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – a United Nations body – on Friday published a report confirming displacement of tens of thousands of civilians following an “escalating violence” in the rural towns of Alamata. 

In a report published on April 19, it said “On 13 and 14 April 2024, armed clashes occurred in Alamata Town, and Raya Alamata, Zata and Ofla woredas. An undetermined number of casualties were reported, while nearly 29,000 civilians reportedly fled towards Kobo, North Wollo Zone (23,000 people) and Sekota, Wag Hamra Zone (5,980 people), mainly women and children (an estimated 70 per cent), youth, and elderly.” 

The number of displaced people could increase as  “the situation is fluid,” according to the OCHA report. 

Those displaced are currently taking shelter in open areas and did not get emergency aid from relevant actors. Community Members in Kobo and Woldia – to where they were displaced – have raised small funds to cater for food and water to those most vulnerable. 

“Most of the displaced populations have sought refuge within the host community, while others took shelter in an industrial site that remains under construction in an area called Gara Lencha, some three kilometres away from Kobo Town,” OCHA said in its report. 

Furthermore, OCHA reported that Ethiopia Disaster Risk Management Commission (EDRMC) dispatched  a team on Friday , and that it is following up developments. 

Earlier this week, TPLF forces deployed what is said to be a heavily armed force and took control of Alamata Town, and Raya Alamata, Zata and Ofla woredas.  The military move – which some opposition politicians and residents from the area call aggression and invasion – came amid a reported consultation between TPLF leaders and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party on Friday  released a statement condemning the TPLF’s military invasion of the area and clear violations of Pretoria. It blamed the Federal government for letting that happen and causing displacement of tens of thousands of civilians. 

The ruling Prosperity Party remarked on the situation this week but it rather sounds appeasing to the TPLF forces. Farah Adem, Deputy Chairperson of the Party, on Friday said an activity that stands on the way of resolving the issue peacefully and democratically  “violates the Pretoria agreement, causes social unrest in Tigray region or neighboring Afar and Amhara regions.”  He also used “both sides’ ‘ narrative to apparently cover TPLF’s military operation that caused the displacement of tens of thousands of people from the region.

The TPLF says the areas were controlled in consultation with the Federal government. 


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  1. How did this happen? How in the dickens 50,000 or more civilians are forced to flee their homes when we are being told that the rebel group in Amhara region is full control of the countryside? Were we also told that TPLF was rendered impotent that could not even be able to defend itself? Such raid that caused the displacement of more than 50,000 civilians could not be carried with just a handful of AK47 carrying rag tags. Now this leads to think that there can be another assault on the ENDF that may force some of them to seek refuge in Eritrea but I don’t think our Eritrean brothers and sisters will have the initiative to whet their appetite to do 2020 Part Deux in coming to the aid of the ENDF. They will treat the wounded but not anything else like they did in 2020. Nobody thanked them for that anyway.
    So where was this rebel group in Amhara region when this took place? What’s up doc?


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