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Ethiopian gov’t position on Welkait leads to perpetual problem, say eight Organizations 


Toronto – The TPLF has this week controlled at least four districts in Raya Alamata and is preparing for another military venture in Telemet and Wolkait.

While the military control in Raya led to the death of at least three and assassination of Molla Derbew – head of Raya Alamata district, the TPLF this week – through Tadesse Worede – announced that it had control over those areas based on arrangement with the Federal government. The Federal government did not remark about it. 

Reports indicate that TPLF is preparing for a military action, by next week, to take control of the Wolkait areas as early as next week.

Eight organizations have released a statement calling for people in the Wolkait and Tegede area to defend their land by any means necessary although they admit that the TPLF is more armed including with heavy weaponry. 

In the statement they released, the eight Ethiopian organizations stress that the Ethiopian government’s position on Welkait and Raya is one that will not resolve the problem. Rather, they say, it will perpetuate the conflict. 

Take a listen to the interview (in Amharic) with Ato Chalachew Abay- one of the leaders of the Welkait Identity Restoration Committee.  

Video : embedded from Anchor Media YouTube channel

Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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