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A Roadmap for a systemic political overhaul in Ethiopia (PR) 

Congress of Ethiopian Civic Associations


Press Release

The Congress of Ethiopian Civic Associations (CECA) proudly announces the public release  of our yearlong study of the modalities of “systemic” political transition in Ethiopia, entitled  “A Citizen-Centered Roadmap for Systemic Political Transition in Ethiopia.” We are  committed to exploring, with the general public at home and abroad, thoughtful and win win solutions for the country’s existential political crises. 

The Prosperity Party is on the verge of collapse in the face of growing revolts against a  murderous regime. Since 1974, we have witnessed three regimes collapsing, ending as  missed opportunities to usher in a robust democratic order. Since opportunity favors the  prepared, we must rally this time around a sound and practicable roadmap for a minimally  disruptive transition to an inclusive democratic constitutional order. 

CECA is pleased to offer a forward-looking blueprint for a two-year transition that is  thorough and homegrown. The pillars of the proposed transition modality are as follows: 

• Given its remarkable popular base, rights orientation, and inclusiveness, a Fanno led negotiated settlement among armed groups to restore peace and security; • A Fanno-backed but independent and broadly representative national salvation  council to issue a transition charter after suspending the current ethnocentric  parliament and constitution; 

• The national salvation council to oversee a caretaker government and elections for  an interim parliament (Transition Shengo); 

• The Transition Shengo, which doubles up as a Constituent Assembly, to establish  several commissions (including truth, justice, reconciliation, border, and  constitutional reform) to guide an institutional overhaul; and  

• The transition period to end with free and fair elections based on a citizen-centered democratic constitution.  

We invite all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia to engage with us to refine these ideas and  prepare for their implementation. The document is now available in Amharic on several  websites, including and Thank you. 



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  1. Its is an encouraging and forward looking perspective to enhance the Ethiopian political system and therefore I personally and wholeheartedly support the initiative.

  2. Great these are some fundamentals that need to be showed. Fifty years of endless revolutions in Ethiopia have changed the legislative and executive branches of government but not emancipating the judiciary branch from the iron clad control by the executive.

    ከአፄ ሃይለ ስላሴ ዘመን ጀምሮ ” ጉልቻ ቢለዋወጥ ወጥ አያጣፍጥም” አያለ ሲያጨበጭብ የኖረው ህዝብ ሁሉ ይኼው ሃምሳ አመት ሙሉ ጉልቻ እየለዋወጠ ወይንም በትክክሉ ጉልቻው አየተለዋወጠበት አንዴ የደርግ ከዚያም የኢህአዲግ እከዚያም አሁን የባሰውን የብልፅግና ወይንም በትክክሉ የብልግና ማፊያ ቡድንን አምባገነኖች እያስተናገደ ይገኛል::

    ኢትዮጵያ ውስጥ መጀመሪያ ነፃ መውጣት ያለበት የፍትህ ስርዕአቱ ጨምሮ ነው::

    What would have happened if the judiciary branch was free to carry out its duty free from the interference and long hand of abiy, the butcher????

    At the collapse of EPRDF, all criminals of the EPRDF regime, including those from so called Amhara and Oromia region would have gone to prison. Just like the METEC’s General Kinfe was televised being arrested on tv, just like Abdi Ille was captured, those repulsive criminals in the former EPRDF hiding in Amhara and Oromia should have been arrested, tried in court and received their comeuppance.


    Any transition, that does not ensure a free, independent and professional judiciary ensuring the rule of law in the entire country is bound to end up with yet another prosperity party wanna be replacement.

    ከቅርሻታሙ የብልግና ፓርቲ አፈቀላጤና የአብይ ፍርፋሪ ለቃሚና እንደውሻ ጅራቱን እየቆላ ጌታዬ እባክህ አንድ አጥንት ወርውርልኝ እያለ ከሚርመጠመጠው ኢትዮጵያን ጀርባ ላይ እንደትኹዋንና መዥገር ተጣብቆ ደም አንደዳንኤል ክብረትና መሰሎቹ ከሚመጠው : የህብረተሰቡ ተባይ አንስቶ በየቤተክርስቲያኑ በየመስጂዱ ከተሰገሰገው ሌባና ወንበዴ አንድ ሳይቀር ሁሉም የእጁን የሚያገኝበት ፍትሃዊና ሃቀኛ የፍርድ ሚዛን መዛኝ አካል ስራውን በነፃነት እስካላከናወነ ኢትዮጵያ ወደፊት አንድ ስንዝር አትራመድም::

    In addition, the mass media must be free at once from any government interference. In the past 50 years, data and public information have been so corrupted and forged that the government parrot, i.e. government mass media have been telling lies after lies with a complete detachment from reality.

    Imagine, if Ethiopian mass media had been run professionally and free from government control and manipulations, what would have been the fate of YouTube sensationalism and inundation?????

    The diaspora has to also insure, a free and independent professional mass media independent of any government or party undue influence must operate freely to serve as the “fourth branch” of government of the people by the people.

    Imagine, if ESAT were not made to be the parrot of prosperity party in 2018, what would be the fate of abiy and his oromumma grandeur of illusions and delusions today??????


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