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Ethiopia, Alamata : Renewed Conflict in North Ethiopia displace over 10,000 

Raya Alamata Woreda  Molla Derebew killed after TPLF made incursion to the area 

Alamata Raya _ Ethiopian News
Raya Alamata area (Photo : DW Amharic)


Toronto – Tens of thousands of residents of Alamata town in North Ethiopia have reportedly been displaced following renewed conflict since last Saturday. Ethio News reported that residents have been heading to Kobo town further south. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) launched another military venture last Friday and took control of areas adjacent to Alamata town – a town the TPLF claims as part of Tigray  “according to the constitution.” Several kebeles within a range of three to five kilometers outside of Alamata are currently under 

At least three people were killed due to the exchange of fire between well armed TPLF forces and the ill-armed local militia. The military incursion came as Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was reportedly having a meeting with TPLF leaders with whom he has been forging what looks like a military and political alliance in the post-Pretoria agreement rapprochement policy.  During a recent meeting with “representatives” from Tigray region, Abiy Ahmed said over 45 billion Ethiopian birr ( in cash alone) from the Federal government to the Tigray region. 

According to sources, more than 10,000 displaced from Alamata have already reached Kobo. DW Amharic report , published on Tuesday, indicated that no government authorities made arrangements to receive the displaced. There was no designated shelter or something like that. The displaced had to make their own arrangements. 

It is not just Alamata. Residents from Korem – a town further north have also been displaced and headed to Sekota – seat of Waghumra zone in Amhara region. 

Hailu Abera, Alamata Mayor , who is also chairperson of Wollo Amhara Identity and boundary committee, told DW Amharic ” The agreement to resolve issues constitutionally  in accordance with the Pretoria Agreement is violated. Tigray militias have opened war openly. Tens of thousands of residents of Alamata are now in Kobo.” 

He has also confirmed that “Tigray fighters” took control of most of the districts. Relevant government authorities were reportedly notified about an impending attack from TPLF forces but it was ignored, according to Hailu Abera. 

Getachew Reda, head of the Interim administration in Tigray, this week said on his X page that “those who are reigniting the conflict are forces who do not want the implementation of Pretoria Agreement.”  However, his message was vague as it was the TPLF itself that re-started the conflict. 

The Federal government and the regional government in Amhara region have not yet remarked on development. 

Meanwhile, Molla Derebew, Raya Alamata woreda administrator, is reportedly killed after the TPLF controlled the areas. However, local Ethiopian news sources hint he was killed by defense force members. The Defense Force did not comment on it.  


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