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Finote Selam : 34 reportedly wounded after grenade explosion in an open market  


Fenote Selam _ Ethiopian News
Finote Selam (SM/File)


Toronto – About 34 residents are reportedly wounded after a grenade explosion in an open air market in Finote Selam. The regional government communication office announced that eleven of them are seriously wounded. 

The regional government alleges that what it calls “extremist force” – a reference to Fano forces – is behind the attack.  

“Therefore,” said the statement from the regional government ,”all the people in our region – as people – should condemn this group that is carrying out an internal and external mission of terrorism.” 

The regional government further claimed that the group has transitioned to “terror” activities after failing to withstand “joint offensive from the defense force and regional force at the battle front. 

The statement from Bahir Dar, however, unspecified the time and the circumstances under which  the alleged “terror” unfolded. IT did not say if a suspect was arrested or captured. 

Fano forces have not remarked on the latest allegation from the regional government – which has been politically engaging people in the region in what appears to be an effort to erode the popular support to Fano fighters which it calls “extremist group.” 

This is the second grenade explosion in the same town in less than three days. 

Last Thursday, a grenade exploded in a classroom of Damot preparatory school. According to a Voice of America Amharic service report, it happened in the morning as students were writing exams.  

The regional government said 25 students were wounded in the attack. While the nature of those injured is described as “light to serious,” six patients are reportedly referred to a hospital in Bahir Dar.  VoA Amharic cited hospital sources as saying that the number of those wounded in the  attack is 24. 

The regional government has blamed “extremist forces” for the attack on Thursday. The suspect is identified as Yohannes Tesfaye Shumete. He is said to be injured and in custody. 

Gojjam demonstrated a furious resistance to the government and part of the reason, as observers say, is the popular support Fano ( the “extremist force” as government calls it) enjoys in the  area. 

Abiy Ahmed’s government has been engaging the public at regional level, and also by holding discussions in his own office with an apparent move to turn support for rebels upside down  and recover lost legitimacy. Following the conclusion of the “discussion” , the government on Saturday organized a pro-government rally in Addis Ababa and many other towns in south Ethiopia. 

The Amhara region was reduced to a conflict zone soon after the Federal government ended its war against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). In August 2023, the government declared a state of emergency in the region which is still in effect. 

Abiy Ahmed government forces have carried out recurring attacks in Finote Selam killing civilians. In August 2023, at least 28 civilians were killed after a drone strike in a market place in the town.  Human Rights Organizations have confirmed the drone attacks and killing of civilians at the time. 


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  1. These are all orchestrated and perpetrated by the desperate abiy regime. he is toast. Money has dried up. No bailout loan from IMF either.

    The despot is desperate and his days are numbered.



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