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Christian Tadele Court Appearance reveal arrest motivated by ethnic hatred 


Toronto – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been publicly stating that his government does not have anything to do with – Oromummaa ideology- an ethnic Oromo nationalist ideology  aspiring to Oromize Ethiopia at the expense of the rest Ethiopians. Ethnic Amhara have been specifically targeted. 

News reports and reports from human rights organizations since Abiy Ahmed took over power in 2018 indicate that tens of thousands of ethnic Amharas were massacred by radical ethnic Oromo nationalist forces in Oromia region. Worse, the attack in most cases was supported by radical elements from within Abiy Ahmed’s Federal government and Oromia regional state. 

The last few years have demonstrated that ethnic Amhara politicians and activists who defy to work with or criticize Abiy Ahmed’s government have been targeted. Christian Tadele – opposition politician and member of parliament – is among the victims. He was serving as chairperson of the parliamentary standing committee for audit. In the parliament, he asked the Prime Minister to resign for failure to protect the security of Ethiopians and also dared to express interest to audit the Prime Minister – who has been spending hundreds of billions of birr on what many say are prestige projects ( the Prime Minister sees economic and image building significance in the projects) whose source of funding is not entirely known to the public. 

Christian was “abducted”, as he calls it, from his residence a day after the introduction of state of emergency in the Amhara region of Ethiopia and thrown behind bars in a very harsh condition. He was detained for more than eight months before he appeared in court. His parliamentary immunity was lifted a few weeks ago and he appeared in court yesterday. 

He alleges that he was deliberately kept near dead bodies and his interrogators spit ethnic slurs against Amhara.  He said he was also belittled for dating to audit Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who often claims that he has not taken “one birr from Ethiopian People.”  Christian also said that he is accused of “plotting to impose ethnic Amhara values on others.” 

Anchor Media shared audio of his speech at the court (in Amharic). What is your view about it? Share your thoughts and remarks in the comment section. 

Video : embedded from Anchor Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Shameful despot የላሸቀ ባዶ ጭንቅላት : ምግባረቢስ ጋጥወጥ ሰገጤ ተምሳሌ Shameful despot የላሸቀ ባዶ ጭንቅላት : ምግባረቢስ ጋጥወጥ ሰገጤ ተምሳሌ

    Look here, this fascist masquerading as pm of all Ethiopians need to be, must be and will be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, torture and extra judicial killings of his perceived and imagine political rivals. Ethiopia under the despot abiy ahmed is a cash strapped, disarray of mumbo jumbo in free fall. The illiterate oromumma ideologue and inferiority complex laden, king wanna be boy child, aka abiy the pastor, abiy the doctor, abiy the colonel or simply 7ኛ ጨ will soon sing like a canary.


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