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Police reportedly attacked Mekelle University Students 

No life threatening injury reported but some students are still behind bars 

Police Mekelle University _ Ethiopian News
University students during protest (Photo source : BBC Amharic)


Toronto – Mekelle University students in North Ethiopia took to the street to demand an extension of time for graduation. According to a BBC Amharic report, published on Friday, they are making a point that time was wasted during the two years war in the region and they are asking for an additional semester. 

Police reportedly attacked them as they were marching in the streets of Mekelle, seat of Tigray regional state. Apart from the attack, as many as 20 students were detained. Seven students are still in detention. 

The peaceful demonstration was not authorized, police said.  The students say they repeatedly brought the matter to the attention of the University administration and the president. “We did not get a response,” students told BBC Amharic. 

As students took to the street holding banners with their demands, police ordered them to disperse and attacked them. The report also indicated the police fired bullets in the air. No  life-threatening injury is reported. 

There was an effort to reach out to the Tigray region’s peace and security office in Mekelle to get an explanation about the incident but it was not a success, BBC Amharic said. 

The students want a three semester education during this academic year to make up for time lost during the war. Students are saying that they were informed about a plan for that kind of arrangement and that their graduation would be next year (in Ethiopian calendar).  Apparently, the University did not honor its pledge. 

The demonstration was meant for expressing disappointment with the University’s decision. 

BBC Amharic cited Dr Tikabo, Communication Director of the University, as saying that he has no information as to what happened during the students’ demonstration in Mekelle. 

However, he is aware  that students have demands in connection with graduation time. “It should be resolved in accordance with the university regulation,” he remarked. 

Schools and universities were closed in the region due to the  two years war between Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Abiy Ahmed led Federal government. 


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