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Rebel forces in Ethiopia’s Amhara region say they have killed 52 gov’t soldiers 

Fano forces  _ Ethiopian News _ South Gondar
Image : Screenshot from EMS report


Toronto – Fano combatants in the South Gondar area of the Amhara  region on Thursday claimed they have killed 52 government soldiers. 36 others are reportedly wounded. 

According to Fano forces, it happened following an ambush attack in the Gelawdewos area – South Gondar. It is where Fano leader Wubante Abate – in whose name several military operations were launched in all areas in the Amhara region- was killed last month. 

Bizuayewhu Wondeminew, public relations head of Wubante Abate Division of Fano, said “The defense force was on its way from Arb Gebeya to Estea. Fano Ambushed them and killed 52 Defense Force and Anti-Riot forces and injured 36 others.” A Colonel who is said to be the commander of the force that was heading to Estea is reportedly wounded and he is in life-threatening condition. The name of the colonel is undisclosed. 

Asked if there were casualties on the side of Fano, the spokesperson said there were no serious casualties. No death; only light injury and those who were said to be injured are back to combat operation. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force has not commented on the latest claim from Fano forces. On the other hand, new video footage purportedly shows captured Ethiopian government soldiers lined up and led to an unspecified designated area.

In a related development, fighting between Fano and government forces is reported in the North Wollo area. According to an Ethiopian Media Services (EMS) report, the fighting came following a surprise attack in Doro Gibir – about five kilometers from Woldia city. Target of the attack was a camp where the government defense force and anti-riot forces were staying. 


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