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Mengistu Hailemariam New Picture viral on social media


Toronto – Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam – who led Ethiopia for 17 years – a new picture is circulating on social media.

It was Tigist Mengistu, his daughter, who shared it on her social media page. This is the first picture after former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn shared a picture he took with him about five years ago.

As was the case in the previous one, the latest picture has triggered extensive conversation among Ethiopians on social media between his supporters and detractors.

Mengistu Hailemariam New Picture
Ethoipia’s Former President Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam with his Daughter, Tigist Mengistu (MD) ( Photo credit : Tigist Mengistu Hailemariam )


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  1. Mengistu is not the only one who has been thumbing his nose at justice seeking families of his victims. I would not be surprised if there are like him who are doing the same making their homes in Minnesota, Toronto, Oslo, Michigan, LA and Down Under. They were bigots and commies before they left the country and you can see them now that they are still bigots and commies. At least Mengistu does not deny that citizens were killed during his leadership but he has been ‘smart’ enough to pass the buck on that blaming other members of his government. A friend had translated a few paragraphs from his Autobiography for me in which he told us if it was not for him, there could have been about 250 former officials massacred on that fateful day in 1974. He told us, it was because of his due diligence that the number was trimmed down to 60. So if you mentioned the other 500,000 who were butchered by him and his entourage, he would quip with ‘So what? They were undesirables and they were then discarded.’ Therefore, getting away with murder which has been the tradition since the overthrow of the late emperor continues. There will be more like him in years to come either out of the capital or out of the bushes.


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