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Ethiopian Airlines to build housing for 5000 employees 

Ethiopian Airlines CEO, Mesfin Tasew, and Addis Ababa City Mayor Adanech Abiebie laying the cornerstone for the construction of houses for 5000 Ethiopian Employees


Toronto – Ethiopian Airlines is building housing for 5000 employees in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Mesfin Tasew,  CEO, and Adanech Abiebie, Addis Ababa city mayor have have laid  cornerstone for the construction at the construction site in the outskirts of the city.  

 The airline is spending over $460 million in the construction of 16 building blocks. The housing units range from a three bedroom apartment to a Bachelor unit. 

In 2018, the airline constructed and transferred more than 1000 housing units to its employees. 

Ethiopian Airlines has more than 17,000 employees in the country and abroad – in the countries where it is operating. Currently, it flies to more than 131 international destinations and is working on a plan to expand its international destinations to well over 200 by 2035.   


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian Airlines to build housing for 5000 employees ” March 16, 2024

    Humble. Opinion, 17 March 2024
    a) Amazing, Fantastic

    b). And the Greatest Good Example is definitely the only and only the Ethiopian

    c). I repeat: The history of Ethiopian Airlines is simply extraordinary


    e). Permit me to be emotional: EAL has developed its greatness starting from
    foreign employees (mostly. Americans) >>>> I stand to be correct.

    f). In any case, Ethiopia Airlines made a miracle:.

    g). It developed through parallel indigenous development, hence clearly
    minimizing the dependancy upon foreign experts.

    h). I stand to be corrected: There was only one foreign occupancy on the top most
    post of the Airline .

    i). In any case, the development of Ethiopian Alines is uniquely admirable,
    concentrating on internal employment on various Airline Tasks

    j). If we were to see development in other sectors in Ethiopia………………..I better stop

    k). And so, returning to EAL, I can only wish that Ethiopian Airlines be a symbol,
    an example, a guidance to others in the Ancient, Independent, Free
    Country named ETHIOPIA. .

    ——————- I wrote. more than enough———————–

  2. Somebody asked somebody ‘what is the name of your country’s airline? The name of our airline is such and such and all its aircrafts are powered by the most powerful engine to-date.’ ‘What is that?’ ‘A malnourished horse’ was the answer. Who said ‘horsepower’ is a thing of the past? Just look around.

  3. Somebody asked somebody a proverbial question: ‘How many houses is the airline in your country building for its employees?’ The honest answer was ‘We have no airline. We have buggies powered by emaciated mules and donkeys. horses have extirpated decades ago in my country’. We use them to take away bodies of prisoners who died in container prisons’. Sorry, I need to stop here.


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