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Emperor Yohannes IV’s 135th anniversary commemorated in Mekelle

Emperor Yohannes IV (Photo source : Tghat)


The 135th commemoration of martyrdom of Emperor Yohannes IV on Monday was celebrated in Mekelle, North  Ethiopia. He died on March 10, 1889, in the battlefield while fighting the Mahadists at the Battle of Gallabat near Metema. He ruled Ethiopia between 1872 and 1889. 

Unlike the ethnic nationalism Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) entrenched in the Tiray region, Emperor Yohannes IV was an Ethiopian Nationalist leader. 

Literature in Ethiopian history depict him as a diplomatic and pious Christian emperor. As is the case with all the historical figures, there are some controversies about his time as the emperor of Ethiopia’s Imperial government. His military campaign to Gojjam is recorded as one that was ruthless. 


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  1. Emperor Yohannes IV was not bad like TPLF since he believed he was Ethiopian. Unfortunately, he did major damage on Ethiopia multiple times just like TPLF did in the past 5 decades.

    25 000 Gojam people was murdered by Yohannes, Thousands of Muslims were murdered just because they refused to go to a war, some of them run away to southern part of Ethiopia which indirectly helped Muslim religion spread across Ethiopia, which is fine. Most of all he worked with British colonizers before he become emperor to get rid of King Tewodros. (TENKOL started here) otherwise King Tewodros might have pushed back the British If Yohannes didn’t help them. The British robbed everything from Ethiopia after King Tewodros died in a battle. That was the starting point of modern Ethiopian political problem. Weather they are good or bad locally whatever Ethiopia accumulated for thousands of years is gone, taken by the British thanks to Ato Kassa Mercha aka Emperor Yohanes …. we are still paying for it…

    Fast forward TPLF took power120 years later if you count from 1872 when Yohannes become emperor. Guess what… the backward gang TPLF gave Ethiopians a Sunday TV show called 120…. ‘’MetoHaya’’ celebrating the return of power to Tigray after 120 years but they lost it within 30 years due to inhumane nature of them! Evil as it is….

    I hope Tigray region become normal state at some point, honestly, a time where they feel comfortable with all people across Ethiopia.

    Too much ego while living under poverty… I also hope that the recent 3 war has thought most Tigrayans that it is impossible to defeat Ethiopia. Almost all strategies out of Tigray are mainly focused on Deleting others to become someone…


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