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Berhanu Jula : Threat to Ethiopia’s existence reversed, “The worst is over” 


Toronto – March 9, Ethiopian State Media – EBC – on Saturday released a two hours and sixteen minutes long interview with Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula. 

The Interview was on “current national affairs.”   

He said the existence of the country was challenged over the past five years and that the threat came from radical ethnic nationalists, he said making a reference to that group that calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army” and what he and government calls “Amhara extremists.” 

“We paid a price for it,” he said. 

“Shane came to the country and split into two. One faction remained in Addis Ababa and one faction went to the jungles.” 

With reference to the situation in Amhara region, he said the “extremist group in Amhara was first engaged in tarnishing the image of the government and then it organized force with the aim to overthrow the regional government first and then the Federal government.” 

He accused the forces in Amhara – he did not say Fano – but it was implicit that he was making a reference to Fano forces who have been battling the federal government forces for more than eight months now. 

One the one hand he said that the “The worst is over” but on the other hand he said “unless they paused and think twice, disintegration is inevitable.” 

Government forces have been accused of massacring civilians in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Human rights groups have confirmed extrajudicial killings in the region – the latest being one that took place in Merawi at the end of July. The defense chief denied it.  

Watch his full interview below (in Amharic) 

Video : embedded from EBC YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. This so called Field Marshal, birhanu julla, is a very unprofessional and undisciplined individual. He is a partisan, oromumma fanatic that does not know how to keep his pie hole shut. He makes egregiously discriminatory statements unable to even mask his war mongering and internal invasions. His undisciplined and Ill trained army of vagabonds and murderers loot, rape, massacre and burn down villages, raze down towns and destroy historical monuments. Every time he opens his loud mouth, he is political, lacks the discipline of a professional soldier and betrays that he is ill fit for the position he pretends he earned.

    birhanu julla was catapulted to the fake position of field marshal just because of his oromumma membesrhip, hatred of the motherland Ethiopia and unbridled partisanship and commitment to abiy the butcher and the less that prosperous but more than scandalous and murderous so called prosperity party.

    It is nauseating to see such partisan hack and fraud masquerading as a professional soldier. Shameful!!!!


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