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Shewa Robit town reportedly came under Fano control 

The Ethiopian government did not confirm or deny that Shewa Robit is under Fano forces

Shewa Robit _ Ethiopian News _ Fano
Shewa Robit town – (Photo : SM)


Ethiopian News sources on Sunday reported that Fano forces captured Shewa Robit town – which was also said to be a seat of Shea Command Post (part of a body that is in charge of the implementation of the state of emergency – among other things).

They were able to capture it after a fierce battle against government forces. 

Public relations for Fano forces under the command of Meketaw  Mamo Bridge has confirmed to Anchor media that the town is under the control of Fano.  When he spoke to Anchor Media on Sunday, the fighting was still going on. 

Government forces have reportedly withdrawn to the mountains in the region. Moves like that have been observed recently. Once withdrawing to the mountains, government forces allegedly target towns with artillery shelling. 

Fano’s reported control over Shewa Robit came days after an hours-long exchange of fire between Fano forces and government soldiers in Bahir Dar city.

The Ethiopian government has been claiming for several months now that the security situation in the Amhara region has improved and normalcy is restored. However, it was unable to end the state of emergency and extended it, last month, by four months. 

In a speech at the 128th commemoration of Adwa Victory near the newly inaugurated Adwa Museum last Saturday, which was restricted only to invited guests, Defense Chief of Staff Berhanu Jula said that the “spine” of what he calls “extremists” ( a reference to Fano) is broken due to the military actions of his forces.

The Ethiopian government has not remarked on the capture of Shewa Robit by Fano forces. 

Fano forces have been claiming victory in many areas of the region where there has been continued fighting.  Spokesperson of Fano in Gojam this week said that his forces have killed one Brigadier General and four colonels – but the names are unspecified. 

As well, video footage purportedly showing hundreds of captured government soldiers in Gojam has been circulating on social media platforms. 

There have been calls from international multilateral actors and state actors for the Ethiopian government to resort to peaceful negotiation as the military operation in the region could not bring about results that the government is seeking to achieve. So far, reputable human rights activists have confirmed that hundreds of civilians have been killed in the Amhara region due to extrajudicial killings, artillery shelling and drone attacks. 


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  1. Again, I am asking the same question I asked before on the news that the Amhara Region’s capital was captured by the anti government forces operating in the area. Now we are told they have captured another town in the region and this one is much closer than to the capital. So what they are going to do with it? Or is it one of the hit and run of a guerilla encounter? That group of gangsters in Western Wallaggaa does the same the whole time. It comes into vulnerable and easy to siege town, they collect innocent civilians they suspect of being government collaborators and kill them in the most barbaric ways, The next day, government forces return to town and have at it rounding up those they suspect of being supporters of ghoulish Shane and kill everyone of them. I heard the routine of tragic of civilians in the contested areas is the same.
    So what’s up doc after capturing a town from government forces?


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