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Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed official visit to Tanzania 

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Abiy Ahmed holding talks with Tanzanian president Samia Suhulu (photo : PD)


Legitimacy crisis at home aside, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed has been facing a serious foreign relation crisis in the Horn of Africa after he signed an agreement with Somaliland. 

His recent official visits to Kenya and Tanzania seem to have had intention to improve that. After spending two days in Kenya, he headed to Tanzania for a three day official visit between February 29 and March 2. 

Tanzanian news sources say the purpose of his visit to the country was to strengthen existing relations and enhance economic cooperation. Tanzania has been mediating Abiy Ahmed’s government with Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) – a militant ethnic Oromo nationalist group that is linked to the massacre of tens of thousands of innocent civilians – mostly ethnic Amhara. 

It is also said that it is the Tanzanian President – Samia Suluhu Hassan – who initiated his visit to the country. There have been discussions of cooperation between Ethiopia and Tanzania in the areas of trade investment, culture, education, agriculture, defense and security – according to Tanzanian news sources. 

Abiy Ahmed was given a formal reception at the State House in Dar es salaam. And yesterday, he held a bilateral meeting with president Samia. 

He wrote on his social media page : 

“…Today’s bilateral meeting is testament to how our historical ties have paved the way for stronger relations in the present. The MOUs we signed today in agriculture, energy trade, and cultural cooperation are foundational for ongoing and reciprocal development.” 

His government and OLA are expected to have a third round of negotiation in Tanzania but the dates are not yet announced.  

The two countries have reportedly signed cooperation MoU in a range of areas.


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