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Fano Forces Reportedly captured Bahir Dar, Gov’t Did Not Deny So Far

Fano forces (Photo : file /Social Media)


Citizen reports emerging on social media indicate that Fano Force on Thursday captured Bahir Dar City – the seat of the Amhara regional state. Due to state of emergency measure and restrictions of journalists to the region, information about the conflict in the region was mostly available on social media platforms.

There has been confirmed intense fighting between Fano and government forces in the past few days in the areas close to the city. In the latest string of an apparent information war, the Ethiopian Defense Force on Thursday made claims that it is clearing the Gojam area from Fano and that it has captured two water tankers that Fano has been using. 

It has been days now since Fano forces have been making claims that Bahir Dar city was besieged from all directions but its fall, if true, was not expected within just days.  

Earlier this week, the defense force claimed that it had eliminated eight of the nine Fano leaders in Gojam – a claim that was rather bluffed by Fano forces. 

At this writing, Ethiopia’s Communications Ministry did not deny that Fano forces have captured Bahir Dar. In the past seven months, Fano forces were able to capture many cities but they withdrew on alleged grounds of avoiding civilian casualties from government shelling. 

If news of Fano’s entry to Bahir Dar is true, it will be a big blow to the federal government and the regional administration. It may also mean that Ethiopian government forces will resort to retaliatory military actions against civilians. Recently, it happened in Merawi where government soldiers extrajudicially executed at least 45 civilians in the town allegedly after the military incurred big losses in the area.

On Thursday, Political leaders of the Amhara regional state  – including the region’s president Arega Kebede – were holding a meeting in Addis Ababa at Haile Grand Hotel with business leaders from the Amhara region. Reports indicated that businessmen were lobbied to play instrumental roles in mediating the government with Fano. 

News of Fano’s entry is not confirmed by local news sources. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is currently in Tanzania for a three days state visit and the defense chief of staff – Berhanu Jula – is reportedly in Kenya holding a meeting with his Kenyan counterpart, according to a report by Wazema radio. 


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  1. Amhara groups, like their counterpart Tigrayans, will decimate their own city and residents because they want power (Amhara rule) through the barrel of the gun and not wanting to seek non-violent means.

  2. Is Bahir Dar captured or not? One story tells it is captured and at the same time we are told that another story tell us there was hours long battle in or around the city. Make up your mind. It looks somebody is sleepwalking with a story. Was this a story of the usual shoot-and-run incidence? 3 days have passed since we were told the city was captured by a group fighting the government. Who is in charge there now? Somebody is pulling our legs or trying to here.


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