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African Development Fund (ADF) to donate Ethiopia $46 million for a Project in Oromia

Africa Development Fund _ Ethiopia


African Development Fund has reportedly approved  $46 million in financial donation to Ethiopia. It is going to be granted in the form of donation.

“The Board of Directors of the African Development Fund in Abidjan on 28 February 2024, donated $46.02 million to Ethiopia to implement Phase 2 of the Borana Resilient Water Development for Improved Livelihoods Program in the country’s south,” said the bank in its latest press release.

FBC, a State-owned media, on Thursday, said the fund will finance water supply projects in the Borena zone of the Oromia region of Ethiopia.  It further said that the goal is to make water accessible in the region.

The fund will finance up to 9 Water tankers and 142.6  kilometers of water distribution lines which is believed to significantly contribute to tackling the shortage of water in the region. 

There have been recurring anti-government protests in the Borana region of Ethiopia – one of the parts of Ethiopia that is affected by recurring droughts. Given the level of corruption and weaponization of aid in Ethiopia, it remains to be seen whether the Ethiopian government will entirely allocate the fund from ADF to the water project in Borena. 

The African Development Fund (ADF) is part of the African Development Bank (AfDB) Group. AfDB and the Ethiopian government experienced a diplomatic rift last year after Ethiopian security forces beat and arrested for hours two top AfDB staff in Addis Ababa in total breach of diplomatic protocols. The Banks were threatening to withdraw from Ethiopia after the serious diplomatic breach in November 2023 but it changed plans in January 2024 and decided to continue operating in Ethiopia after “productive meetings” with Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed on the issue. 

It was also said that the Bank “…received a firm commitment from the Government to investigate and share the formal report of the investigations into the incident with the Bank and to ensure full accountability for all involved.” So far the Ethiopian government has not disclosed anything about it. 


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