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French journalist Antoine Galindo released from Ethiopian Prison 

French journalist  _ Antoine Galindo _ Ethiopian News
French Journalist Antoine Galindo (Photo via CPJ)


The Committee to Protect Journalists on Thursday announced that French Journalist Antoine Galindo is released from Prison and heading to France. 

He  works for the Paris-based African Intelligence and was arrested in Ethiopia on February 22. He was reportedly in the country to cover the 37th African Union Summit in Addis Ababa. Ethiopian Authorities accused him of conspiratorial activity to “create chaos in the country.  It was allegedly “an armed conspiracy.” 

CPJ noted that “On February 24, a court in Addis Ababa ordered that Galindo and Bate be detained until their next court appearance on March 1, so police could investigate allegations of armed conspiracy. ” 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government has a cordial relation with the French government but it is unclear if the French government was involved in securing the release of Antoine Galindo. 

CPJ had been urging the Ethiopian government to unconditionally release Antonio Galindo 

CPJ Africa Program Coordinator Muthoki Mumo said, as quoted in CPJ Statement that was released on Thursday, ““It is great news that Antoine Galindo has been released, as his unjust detention was a stark reminder of the dangers of practicing journalism in today’s Ethiopia.”

However, the program coordinator is urging the Ethiopian government to release all other journalists in the country who are behind bars because of their journalistic activity. 

Muthoki Mumo said “Ethiopian authorities must now release all journalists—eight others at least—who have suffered months of imprisonment under very difficult conditions, and provide guarantees that international journalists will be allowed the access they need to report and will not face retaliation for doing their jobs.” 

CPJ says “Ethiopia was the second-worst jailer of journalists in sub-Saharan Africa” 

The now defunct ruling coalition Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) picked Abiy Ahmed as Prime Minister in April 2018 after weeks long party evaluation and one the consensus to reform the system including in broadening the political space and press freedom in the country. 

As it turns out, the country saw one of the most bloody wars in its history just two years after Abiy Ahmed’s tenure as prime minister and his administration is still waging war in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.  It is apparent that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration has lost the legitimacy it enjoyed soon after coming to power. 


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  1. abiy ahmed, the TINPOT DESPOT, masquerading as the pm of all Ethiopians, is nothing but a lowlife dictator running a banana republic with his kangaroo courts. abiy Ahmed MUST RESIGN!!!!!!!! There are no other alternatives than stepping down . Nearly 6 years since his dubious rise at the helm, he has been massacring defenseless Ethiopians unrelentingly everyday.

    The imprisonment of French journalist Antoine Galindo should be an eye opener to the international community that a madman, an unhinged psychopath with sociopathic and megalomaniac grandeurs of delusions is murdering hundreds of thousands and torturing millions in Ethiopia.

    There must now be a concerted and coordinated international global community effort to contain this cuckoo with unchecked concentration of power, not a result of his prowess but the result of 50 years of central government decay and total usurpation of government control and elimination of separation of powers in Ethiopia by the so called executive branch, I.e. the dictator!!!!

    It is very encouraging that journalists in Kenya and Somalia now have woken up from their slumber as the majority of Ethiopians have shrugged off their abiy mania and come out of their stupor. East Africa, especially the horn will never be at peace while abiy ahmed is still around as EVIDENCED BY DAY TO DAY FACTS on the ground.

    The goon is nothing but just another wanna be Hitler. Once again, just like the stalins, hitlers, mussolinis, gaddafis and husseins of yesterday have been contained, cut to size and thrown away to the dustbins of the bad, the ugly and monsters of all time, this hoodlum will also meet his meted lot.


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