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Somalia’s president Hassan Sheikh in Kenya as Abiy is on State Visit 

Somalia President in Kenya
President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Nairobi. In the middle is Kenyan Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. (photo : Villa Somalia)


Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud on Wednesday arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, as Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed started his day two of the official visit to the East African country. He was reportedly greeted by Kenyan Vice President , Rigathi Gachagua, upon arrival at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 

Kenyan News sources related Hassan Sheikh’s arrival in Nairobi to the sixth United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA6).  The Star on Wednesday, reported that  “the Head of State at the summit will highlight Somalia’s unique environmental challenges.”

Regarding the challenges Somalia is facing, it quoted heads of state as saying “The challenges particularly will include the climate-induced humanitarian situation in the country by exploring ways to work collaboratively with global partners to build a sustainable future for Somalia,” the statement reads.

193 member states meet annually to discuss the environment as it relates to climate – among other things. 

Somalia and Ethiopia have developed tension after the latter signed a memorandum of understanding with Somaliland to establish a naval base on leased coastal areas from Somalia.  Hassan Sheikh – who sees the deal as a violation of Somalia’s sovereignty – expected to raise the matter during the UN environmental assembly in Nairobi. 

There is no official information available so far if the Kenyan President William Ruto is arranging a meeting for Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Hassan Sheikh on the sidelines of the UN meeting. Somalia has been stating there will not be “space” for mediation with Ethiopia before the latter retracts the agreement with Somaliland – a breakaway region of Somalia that has been existing as a de facto state for over thirty years. 

State and non-state actors have been expressing concern about possible military conflict between Ethiopia and Somalia, and have been urging a peaceful resolution of the tension between the two countries. 


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  1. I rest my hope on our brother H.E. President William Ruto that he will somehow get these two leaders of Ethiopia and Somalia to meet in the middle. This dispute is uncalled especially when both Somalia and Ethiopia are in a quagmire due to internal strife. Brother H.E. President Hassan should somehow be understanding of his neighbors of more than 120 million sea outlet needs. As a well read person he should know by now that what was there centuries ago will never materialize. Any attempt to achieve had achieved nothing but spiraling Somalia into a failed state and unimaginably deadly to its own citizens. That is a history no one wants to see it repeated. Somaliland is what it is now accepted and adored by its citizens. The citizens of Ethiopia had nothing to do with its emergence in 1991. That is the glaring reality on the ground. Any attempt to change that by force may be similar someone shooting at his own feet or even head. I am sure Brother Hassan possesses the intellectual horsepower to apprehend that.

    Now on the current leaders of Ethiopia side, one could be forced to question why the signing of MOU at this time? What was the urgency? Is it worth the firestorm? Is there any daring in this and what for? I will leave that to the well read and level head men and women of politics. The fate of the young generations of both Ethiopia and Somalia is in the hands of the current leaders of both countries. It could turn deadly and destructive because of the short-sightedness of the current leaders. Personally, it is my unwavering conviction that the people of Somaliland must be left alone and out of this stupid dispute. They deserve what they have now because they had paid dearly to achieve it. It was in Somaliland where the 2nd genocide and pogrom in post independence Africa were committed after the Biafra genocide. Of course, that is my personal opinion.


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