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Employee who exposed 400 Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate employees with fraudulent educational credential reportedly fired  

Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate employees
EBC (photo : file/EBC)


Toronto – Fraudulent educational credentials has become common among Ethiopian Institutions. But still it sounds shocking that about 400 employees of Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC) – state owned media- were hired with forged credentials.  

It was Addis Maleda, local news provider, who reported about it. It does not appear to be the case that the matter is investigated. Other news providers have not covered the story either. 

On  Saturday, Addis Maleda reported that the employee who exposed the 400 employees with counterfeit documents was terminated. He is identified as Wogen Abebe and has reportedly worked with EBC for nine years, according to the report.

EBC reportedly sued him for allegedly “disseminating false information” sometime last year. However, the court set him free after defending his case in October 2023 – Addis Maleda reported. 

How Wogen Abebe managed to get and verified the information is unclear. However, using fraudulent educational credentials to secure employment has become rife in the country. 


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  1. Meritocracy, justice and accountability at its worst. Another African dictator on the way to destroy the social fabric of the proudest and oldest country of Africa. Govez

  2. The country has become a breeding ground for crooks, criminals, thieves, murderers, liars, dumb and damn idiots . Thanks to the catastrophe called prosperity party. They say fish stinks from the head in Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed is the chief of all these attributes and his disciples are a spit image of the head Lucifer.


    Consequently Ethiopia is doomed without any help from any source.

    Thank You, https://www.borkena.com. for becoming the source of OPENNESS and TRUTH.

    The saying of TRUTH & TRAGEDY is glaringly pointed to the ancient country called ETHIOPIA.

    And there is no body to save Ethiopia, but itself

    Indeed, it is classical TRAGEDY

    A country is being its own ENEMY.

    The Amharic saying is apt at this moment: >>> “saychegir Till”.

    —————— THE END —————————


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