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Statement on the Indiscriminate Massacre of the Residents of Merawi in Ethiopia

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Global Amhara Coalition
Press Statement

The residents of Merawi town in Ethiopia were subjected to a horrific and indiscriminate  massacre on January 29, 2024. The fascist and brutal regime of Abiy Ahmed arbitrarily killed  hundreds of innocent and unarmed civilians, including children, pregnant women, the elderly,  religious fathers, and monks and nuns. Eyewitnesses have reported numerous bodies strewn  across the roads in Merawi, a small town in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. Reports indicate that  many residents of Merawi town are suffering from mental, physical, and psychological distress  resulting from their traumatic experiences. This act of unprecedented brutality and fascism was  committed by the regime against its own people who were not involved militarily in its unjust  conflict with the Amhara people. 

The barbaric regime of Abiy Ahmed invaded the Amhara region under the pretext of disarming  the Amhara Fanno forces, who had taken up arms in self-defense. Its primary goal is to subjugate  the Amhara people, extending the previous extrajudicial killings of Amharas in various locations  such as Wollega, Benshangul, Sheger city near Addis, Gojjam Debre Elias, Debre Markos,  Finote Selam, Amhara Saint, North Shewa, Estie (Gondar), and other Amhara communities. This  heinous crime against humanity was committed by the regime’s security forces as an act of  revenge for their defeat by the courageous Fanno fighters on the battlefield. Security forces  embarked on house-to-house searches, randomly shooting anyone they suspected of supporting  the Fanno. The magnitude of the massacre is believed to be far greater than what has been  reported so far, as communication has been hampered by internet blackouts. The regime has  vowed to utilize all available weapons, including drones, tanks, heavy artillery, and other weapon  systems acquired for the purpose of eradicating the Amhara people. 

The Global Amhara Coalition strongly condemns this genocidal attack on innocent Amharas and  calls upon Ethiopians, the international community, and governments worldwide to denounce  this barbaric action against unarmed civilians. The perpetrators must be held accountable, and an 

an independent investigation should be conducted to ensure justice. The victims of the Merawi  massacre require the assistance of the global community in their pursuit of truth and justice. The  US government’s statement on the Marawi massacre is a good start. We call on other  governments to take similar positions, statements, and practical measures against the regime. 

This brutal regime has committed countless crimes against the Ethiopian people. Nearly 30  million individuals are facing starvation, thousands have been displaced with their livelihoods  destroyed since Abiy Ahmed came to power, and places of worship have been set ablaze. The  regime intentionally deprived farmers of fertilizers, exacerbating existing food shortages. 

The current Fanno struggle emerged when all peaceful attempts to resolve various issues failed  to yield tangible outcomes. The Global Amhara Coalition demands that the international  community and governments fulfill their responsibilities in holding this brutal regime  accountable for its crimes against the Ethiopian people, particularly the Amhara people who have  been targeted for several years, especially in the past six years. The Amharas are fighting for  their survival in the face of an existential threat posed by the current regime. It is the legal and  moral obligation of the world to stand for justice wherever it is violated. Amhara genocide by the  brutal regime of Abiy Ahmed deserves justice and attention. 

We demand the following actions to be taken: 

1. Withdrawal of the regime’s defense forces and lifting of the state of emergency. 2. Conduct an independent investigation into the Merawi massacre and bring the  perpetrators to justice. 

3. Provide compensation to the families of the victims. 

4. Unconditionally release Amhara prisoners of conscience. 

5. Offer appropriate assistance to unlawfully displaced individuals. 

6. Cease the harassment of religious figures immediately and reinstate Abune Petros,  Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church to his position. 7. Call upon all Ethiopians to condemn this unprecedented attack on the innocent Amhara  people and support the struggle to change Abiy’s regime. 

The Amhara struggle shall ultimately triumph, and justice will prevail in Ethiopia! Global Amhara Coalition.


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  1. Unwavering and wholehearted support should be extended to the nation-wide call made by the Global Amhara Coalition. 
    Withdrawal of the regime’s defense forces and assistance for the displaced and starving people of Amhara are seriously required to save lives.


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