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Opal mining accident ,no miners rescued after four days of search effort 

Opal stones ( South Wollo Zone Government Communication)


Toronto – Four days after a search effort of missing miners at an Opal mining site in Delanta, South Wollo region of Ethiopia, does not seem to be yielding results. No minder recovered yet. 

This week, South Wollo Zone Gov. Communication  – in the Amhara region of Ethiopia – announced that more than 20 opal miners went missing after the cave where they had been mining collapsed.  Some sources say the number of miners is unknown. 

The accident happened last Thursday ( February 8, 2023) Delanta district, 018 Alehuat locality. 

The area where the accident happened is said to be inconvenient to use excavators due to the cliff terrain. Authorities are using manpower. So far only fifty meters of land to the closet entrance is dug, according to sources.  

The cave is said to be 750 meters long. 

The opal mining site in Delanta is said to be in a mountainous landscape (photo : PD)

A report from BBC published on Monday – which cited the district authority as a source – indicated that over 500 people are deployed for the rescue work to the location. However, the way to the entrance of the cave could only accommodate ten people at a time – part of the reason that complicated the search effort. 

The miners have legal permission to work on the site and eight of them are said to be members of Worq Washa Crystals and Wealthy Stones Mining  Associations. The miners are licensed under the traditions minors category – based on reports from sources. 

South Wollo Zone administration did not say if Federal government is sending support or not.

The prospect of finding miners alive after four days under a collapsed mining site is noticeably worrisome to many. 


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  1. Has mining Opal made Ethiopians rich? Nope, except politicians and foreigners. Today millions of our resources, including cattles are being smuggled by govt, to enrich foreigners while Ethiopians are struggling to survive. In fact, tplf still lives in comfort while Ethiopians are dying.


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