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“Red Sea Afar” accuse Eritrean gov’t of  “ethnic-based” oppression : report

Red Sea Afar
Image credit : DW Amharic


Diaspora based ethnic Afars from Eritrea are alleging ethnic based oppression in Eritrea. DW Amharic on Friday reported that “Red Sea Afar Diaspora youth and other representatives had a public meeting in Columbus, Ohio.” 

The source said it spoke to Abdu Amin “Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization Youth representative.  He is cited as saying ” The main goal ; the dictatorial Shabia government’s atrocity on Red Sea Afar People is intensifying from time to time that Red Sea Afar People are suffering in exile and the remaining are in prison. To end this repression and undemocratic human rights violation the youth are rising in unison and conducting the meeting.” 

According to the source, the organizers alleged that the atrocity and repression on “Red Sea Afar People” has been worsening and transforming to “ethnic based oppression and repression.” 

The group has used the political expression “all Eritrean nations and nationalities” – something that sounds more like the political language of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and other similar political organizations that TPLF crafted in its image.  

The group made a call for “All nations and nationalities of Eritrea to struggle together in its all inclusive existential struggle until liberation…” 

Eritrea has nine ethnic groups.  It is uncommon to hear reports of “ethnic based operation”  in Eritrea. The Eritrean government does not seem to bother about the allegation. It has not responded to the allegation at the time of this writing. 

In unrelated development, Eritrea this week commemorated the 34th anniversary of “Operation Fenkil” – one of the battles that Eritrean People’s Liberation Front ( now PFDJ) fought during the final years of the Liberation war for the independence of Eritrea. 


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  1. I thought there is only one type of people in Eritrea. Afars in Eritrea? No way!!! Eritrea is inhabited by only one non African ethnic group. Some one from there told me they are mainly from Abruzzi and the other one had told me told me mainly from Tuscany. When I thought that was it, another one told me what I heard was wrong and they are mainly from Calabria. A fourth dude came out swinging to tell me they are all from Sicily. Then a fifth one….I gave up!!!!

    • I bet you are one of these people that admire their own reflection in the mirror and overestimate their intellect over the average uneducated Ethiopian by stringing words that do not amount to a meaningful sentence so that you feel comfortable on your high throne. Did your mother also prophesied (like u know who’s ) that you will be one day a keyboard warrior of a lost dream.
      Also what about Lecce, Catania, Brindisi and Salerno? Why not use more Italian cities to showcase your superior brain. Damn, what a waste of space and oxygen and how miserable it must be not to get your deserved appreciation like your lunatic PM. Give up and go under a stone at last.

      • I don’t think he has a job! don’t waste your time trying to reply to this guy. you can see his comments everywhere. And when he is typing (like when he opens his mouth) it is always garbage, and actually worse than garbage. At least a garbage has a use! this one doesn’t.


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