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Asres Mare Damte – one of the key Fano leaders – Interview with EMS Eletatwi


In a latest interview , this time with EMS Eletatwi, Asres Mare Damte, one of the key leaders of the Fano movement in Gojam – one of the areas of Amhara region where there has been a relentless fighting against government troops – highlights the challenges the Fano struggle is facing. 

White Fano is anticipating diplomatic and political support from Ethiopians in the Diaspora, it seems that factions in the Diaspora are being hurdle to the movement. Asres Mare Damte vows that Fano will disclose the group that is causing harm. 

He was asked about Fano’s stance on the question of Ethiopian Unity. Check out what he has to say about it from the embedded interview below. 

Video : embedded from EMS Eletawi YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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