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Ethiopian Satellite Network Television (ESAN TV) launched 

Ethiopian Satellite Network Television
Ethiopian Satellite Network Television


Former Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) journalists on Wednesday announced that they are working together again under the Ethiopian Satellite Network Television (ESAN TV) brand. 

Journalists who worked for ESAT have been running their news channel on YouTube after they left ESAT following a dispute. 

Messay Mekonnen (Anchor Media), Dereje Habtewold (Dere News), Tamagne Beyene (Tamagne Media) Abebe Gelaw (Ethiopian Voice Network), Metasebia Ketsela (Menalesh Meti) and Ethiopian Media Service have jointed to form the new station. 

In his latest appearance at the Ethiopian Parliament, PM Abiy Ahmed insinuated that Ethiopia’s enemies are funding media in the diaspora. 

In their first transmission, the ESAN TV team responded to Abiy Ahmed’s remark. They said that Ethiopians living abroad have supported the new station , and they are soliciting continuous support for the station. 


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  1. EsaT or EsaN they’re both be no more than bigotry and belligerence on steroids. The problem is the journalists, stupid. Abebe Gellaw, Mesay Mekonnen (self-proclaimed king of Seber Zena), and the rest are Amhara propagandists masquerading as journalists! Mark my word. Check the news and analysis they broadcast and check back after a week. You’ll discover embellishments, concoctions, and outright lies!

  2. Abebe Gellaw and Mesay Mekonnen (the self-proclaimed king of Seber Zena) were and are now promoting ethnic terrorism.

    Messay Mekonnen (Anchor Media), Andargachew Tsige, Dereje Habtewold (Dere News), Tamagne Beyene (Tamagne Media), Shaleka Dawit, Habtamu Ayalew, and Abebe Gelaw (Ethiopian Voice Network) are all terrorists and genociders. To guarantee that these terrorists from the Amhara region are apprehended and sent back to Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed ought to make a request to international leaders. These genociders have been entirely responsible for the mass murder of all Amhara and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia for the past 3 years.

  3. borkena terrororist media co-working with esat and all terrorists like Abebe Gellaw, Mesay Mekonnen , habtamu ayalew, andargachew tsige , etc


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