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The Amhara question Abiy Ahmed avoided in the Parliament


On Tuesday this week, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appeared in the Ethiopian parliament for question and answer (questions were pre-submitted weeks before his appearance). Among many other propaganda works during his parliamentary appearance, he attempted to relegate Amhara questions to “constitutional reform, development and territory-identity” questions. He said he understood that based on the public meetings he had in different parts of the Amhara region.

Abebaw Dessalew, a member of parliament from the Amhara region of Ethiopia, does not seem to agree in the ways that the prime minister framed the Amhara question. He says Amhara has been targeted and killed because of identity in Oromia, Benishangul and other regions of Ethiopia over the past five years. “It was not raised as a question,” he said. The massacre of civilians with drone strike and artillery shelling in the Amhara region of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed’s administration imposed a state of emergency in the region is another issue that has become a question.

Take a listen to Abebaw’s interview with Anchor Media

Video : embedded from Anchor Media YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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