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Silencing dissent with drones and military campaigns: The Ominous Escalation of Abiy Ahmed’s Genocidal War on Amhara region 

Abiy Ahmed genocide war in Amhara region of Ethiopia
Human Rights Organizations in the country and Abroad have confirmed that Abiy Ahmed’s soldiers committed extensive extrajudicial killings in the Amhara region in an effort to silence dissent. This week, the parliament extended the state of emergency by four months.

Aster Michael 

In a recent move, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has extended the state of emergency by four months, escalating what appears to be a disturbing war aimed at creating a state of terror among the Amhara population. The tactics employed are deeply troubling, ranging from indiscriminate drone attacks on civilians to shelling residential areas with heavy weapons. Reports indicate door-to-door searches and extrajudicial public executions of civilians, all part of a broader strategy of psychological warfare to suppress opposition and resistance to Abiy Ahmed’s autocratic and ethno-fascist government.

The gravity of the situation cannot be understated, as the Prime Minister seems to have chosen a path of violence over dialogue. The extension of the state of emergency raises concerns about the further erosion of civil liberties and human rights in the region. The international community must take note of these alarming developments and act accordingly to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

It is crucial to remind Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that a political or military victory cannot be achieved by causing immense harm to the Amhara civilians. His autocratic and ethno-fascist regime’s actions have led to the loss of countless lives and sown seeds of fear and discord among the population. The Amhara people including all peace loving Ethiopians, both within the country and in the diaspora, are uniting to resist the existential threats posed by the government.

The international community must step in to support the Amhara community and condemn the delusional genocidal war of terror waged against them. The recent extension of the state of emergency and the reported atrocities demand a swift and coordinated response to prevent further escalation and ensure the protection of innocent lives.

As we witness the Amhara people’s struggle under Abiy Ahmed’s tyrannical regime, it is imperative for global leaders, human rights organizations, and the broader international community to join forces in condemning the violence and advocating for a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

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  1. Dear Aster if I may: The Ahmara cannot include all peace loving Ethiopians! Peace loving Ethiopians include the Ahmara people & any peace loving people! This is the beauty of your country. Just a kind reminder

  2. I have read over a dozen such articles Borkena published over the past several weeks (all by Amharas, unfortunately). Everyone of the writers targeted “Nazi” “Genocider” Abiy (and Oromuma, whatever that is). I have a suggestion for you folks: all the dozen of you need to get together and instead of trying to outdo each other by scribbling repetitive nonsense, to think out of the box and a/ allow the voice of the local farmer to be heard (may be local farmers are not enthused about Fano sharing their meagre sustenance and bringing them to the brink of famine b/ begin making friends/allies across the board, instead of making enemies of majority Ethiopians by the day! and c/ separate non-issues from real issues (each time you claim you are more Ethiopian than the rest, you are fooling yourself; each time you claim Amharic language is superior to the rest, you are making yourself look like an idiot! Just so you understand, ALL LANGUAGES ARE OF EQUAL VALUE. When you talk about justice, poverty, corruption, unemployment, failing education system, incoherence of Abiy Admin, ALL listen. That is where you need to start. After all, it is foolish to think that only Amharas care about our country and that they could bring about changes without others participating!


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