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Eyewitnesses said that more than 50 civilians were killed in Merawi city of Ethiopia Amara region 

Merawi _ Gojam - Ethiopia - Massacre
Merawi town (photo : pubic domain)

By Yimer Alye Ayalew 

Families, residents, and eyewitnesses told the BBC that more than 50 people were killed in  an attack by government Soldiers on Monday January 28, 2024, in the town of Merawi in the Amhara region of the new North Gojjam zone. 

Residents who spoke to the BBC said that several people were killed in an attack on  residents following a battle between the Defense Forces and Fano militants in Merawi,  which is approximately 35 kilometers from the regional capital.

The Bahir Dar office of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ESMECO) informed the  BBC that it has received information from various sources regarding the attack on innocent  people in Merawi and is conducting monitoring and investigation. 

Following the incident, the BBC interviewed five people, including a hospital source, and  most of the residents reported that the killings were carried out on civilians in their homes  and on the streets. 

Residents say that there was a “heavy battle” between the Defense Forces and Fano forces  from 06:00 a.m on Monday, January 28, 2024, before the attack. After the battle, between  50 to 100 people “disappeared”. 

Eyewitnesses stated that the attack took place around five o’clock in the morning after  Fano’s forces left the city. 

They said, “the defense forces went house to house and killed the people they found  on the road.” The attack lasted until one o’clock in the evening. 

A resident, whose brother was killed, said, “Then they entered my brother’s house and took  him away. 

The residents, who were waiting for their brother’s return from questioning, witnessed their  brother and others being taken away and killed. 

“They killed a child with five bullets and dumped him on the cobbles in our neighborhood. 

They also gathered them [their brother and other people] and together they took 13 people  to the asphalt and killed them… We believed them because we saw it happen.”

A medical expert confirmed to the BBC that 13 people were killed on the side of the  asphalt, adding that a total of 85 people were killed in the city that day. 

The Amhara genocide continues to unfold in Ethiopia, yet the international community  remains disturbingly silent. 

This ongoing crisis demands immediate attention and action to put an end to the suffering  of countless victims. 

Reports and testimonies from survivors paint a horrific picture of widespread massacres,  rape, torture, and destruction of villages. 

Women and children have become particularly vulnerable, facing sexual violence and  exploitation on an unimaginable scale. 

It is estimated that hundreds, if not thousands, have lost their lives, with many more  displaced from their homes and left in dire conditions. 

The Amhara genocide demands the world’s attention and compassion. We cannot remain silent in the face of such blatant disregard for human life and dignity. 

It is time for the international community to act, condemn the violence, and work towards  a resolution that upholds justice, peace, and the fundamental rights of all people.


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  1. QUOTE: It is time for the international community to act, condemn the violence, and work towards a resolution that upholds justice, peace, and the fundamental rights of all people.” UNQUOTE ”

    1) I have a question.

    2). Since when, “it is the time for international community to act” defending Black
    African Country?????

    3). Since when the colonial powers that we know came to the rescue of Black

    4). Since when colonial powers were defender of the Black African People.

    5). Now, a different question: When is the last time that Black African States got
    together to defend Black African States.

    6). We can go on — and on — and on narrating the criminal acts perpetrated
    upon the Honest Black People of the Continent of Black Africa.

    7). Very sad to say. we reached no where for time immemorial and it seems that
    we will never reach any where. Very sad to be negative

    8. We know that Black Africa is committed to Europeans and Other Colonizers at
    the expense of the innocent People of Black African Countries.

    9. A decent world would admit, with sadness, the above tragic treatment upon
    Human BEINGS, regardless of the colour of their skins.

    AMEN !!!!!!!!! (though we recite it endlessly)

    ——————– THE END ————————


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