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Tigray region Interim president says famine hovering in the region  

Tigray Famine - Ethiopian News
Getachew Reda during press conference in January 2024 (Photo : screenshot from Tigray TV)


A severe famine is hovering over Tigray and it is something that complicates the peace-building and rehabilitation work in the region, Getachew Reda, Tigray Interim president reportedly said. Abiy Ahmed led Federal government rejects the narrative of Tigray famine as political – not something that exists on the ground to which Getachew Reda replied last month.

VOA Amharic service on Wednesday reported that he has appealed to ethnic Tigray Diaspora to help overcome the challenge. 

Getachew was speaking virtually at an international conference organized under the theme “Peace Building and Justice in Post-War Tigray.” 

He is cited as saying “The role of the diaspora community is important to rescue the people from the danger of famine and to reconstruct devastated government structure.” 

Mike Hammar, United States Special Envoy to the Horn of Africa, has attended the virtual conference. He reportedly said that he shares the concern of Getachew Reda regarding famine in the region. “We will continue to cooperate with our many partners,” he added. Furthermore, Mr. Mike Hammer said that the food aid delivery was suspended due to theft, he used the word, that the region will resume as an agreement is reached – apparently in the direction of addressing the issue.  There were reports from other sources that the Tigray region interim government has been facing challenges in connection with the theft of humanitarian aid and vehicles damaged during the two-year war – among other things. 

Another issue that Mike Hammer talked about is the implementation of the Pretoria Agreement – which ended the two-year devastating war between Abiy Ahmed’s government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).  For him, the pace of implementation seen so far is not satisfactory. “We are waiting for the complete withdrawal of Eritrean forces from the region,” he is quoted as saying. 

Mr. Hammer also said that his country is determined to ensure accountability. 

Getachew Reda thinks that peace in the region can not have a foundation without the restoration of the “constitutional territorial integrity of Tigray region” and the return of displaced people. 

Accountability through transitional justice – indicated by the Federal government – in a way international bodies are involved in the process is also something that he talked about. 

The TPLF – which has lost its legal status with Ethiopia’s National Electoral Board- completed a forty-one days long internal meeting this week and Getachew Reda is reportedly elected as deputy president of the Party while the former Tigray regional state president, Debretsion Gebremichael, is re-elected as president. 


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  1. Here we are still caught up with pushing war and destruction while millions are starving and face inevitable deadly famine. We are beating the drums of war from our comfy homes while innocent citizens are dying from starvation. People can die from diseases like cancer or epidemics and their deaths can be agonizing. People dying from starvation take their last breath after going through a slow and the most agonizing deaths of all. It is confirmed that about 400 people, adults and children have now died from starvation already with much higher number of deaths to follow. I’m holding the leaders of Tigray, Amhara regions along with leaders of armed groups in Amhara, Oromia and the top echelon of the federal government responsible for every death from this avoidable famine. There will not be an iota of excuse for this tragedy.

    Your Excellency Prime Minster Abiy; Citizens are dying from starvation under your watch. H.E. Regional President of Tigray Getachew Reda; This is happening under your watch. I will be holding you both responsible for every Allah blessed human life lost to starvation. What you are doing and behaving in light of this deadly calamity is utterly irresponsible and criminal. I’m not buying your diatribe trying to pass the buck. ‘He did it, not me’ ain’t gonna flying with me or the watchful global public. People are dying from starvation in your backyard and you go home to gobble down your choice filet mignon? I can see you both where you waist line is bursting at it seams. You are sending your children to schools well fed while another child die crying from starvation? You may try playing with words to call it drought or lack of food but the reality is citizens are dying because of lack of food for no fault of their own. Damn, damn, damn, damned you two!!! Damn, damn, damned you two!!!!! Damn you!!!!

    Again, you two, PM Abiy and Tigray Region President Getachew; Stop playing with words. Get your smart aleck body in gear and stop, I say stop, citizens’ death from starvation. How dare even start to think about exporting cereals while citizens are dying? How dare you? O my goodness! O my goodness! Where did these guys come from? Are they the products of the same noble people we know? I am utterly disappointed of both of you. President Getachew; Rein in those in your region who were caught stealing sacks of wheat destined to feed the desperately needy. Catch them and charge them with treason. Their repugnant theft was the reason international aid groups decided to stop sending food aid to your region. Get your house in order first. Bus these demons to jail and throw away the keys to deter others from joining in the repulsive act. You two stop your pissing contest and stop the dying of civilians now! I can’t believe this! I just can’t believe you two!!!


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