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Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Replaced Deputy President Dememke Mekonnen 

Ethiopia Ruling Party Deputy President - Demeke Mekonnen
Demeke Mekonen after leaving as deputy president of the ruling party. (Photo : PP)


After several days of central committee and executive committee meetings, the Prosperity Party on Friday announced that it has replaced Demeke Mekonnen with Temesgen Tiruneh.

Within the party, Demeke Mekonnen has served as an executive committee member and vice president. “Pursuant to the Prosperity  party’s principle and practice of succession, the central committee of the party has unanimously  bid farewell with honor to our party’s deputy president Demeke Mekonen,” the party disclosed in a brief update it shared on its social media page. 

Furthermore, it is said that the central committee elected Temesgen Tiruneh with a majority vote. Temesgen Tiruneh has been serving as Director of Ethiopia’s Intelligence Department.  Abiy Ahmed’s government has been making claims of reforms in the intelligence Department. Professionalism and neutrality were among the values used for the reform measure – according to the party. However, the intelligence director is known to be a central committee member of the ruling party. It is unclear if Temesgen Tiruneh is quitting as Director of the intelligence department. 

Demeke Mekonen, in addition to his top post in the party, has been serving as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister of Ethiopia. The party’s statement didn’t indicate if Demeke Mekonen is leaving his post as Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister. However, some Ethiopian news providers who claim to have sources within the Ethiopian government say that Demeke Mekonnen will also be quitting his role in the government. 

Demeke’s departure from the party post did not come as a surprise for there have been rumors that he has been asking for resignation for at least two years now for unspecified health reasons. 

In a related development, there are unconfirmed reports that Ethiopia’s Minister For Justice – Gedeon Timotheos – has tendered his letter of resignation to the Prime Minister and is waiting for confirmation. 


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  1. Your Excellency Obbo Demeke Mekonen,

    I personally thank you for your extended service to that gem of the colored called Ethiopia. When many of us by choice or unfortunate circumstances chose or ended up to leave our country of birth, you and many of your colleagues opted to stay and contribute the best you can possibly can for the good of the people. I commend you for that and May Allah continue to grace His Blessings upon you and your family. Insha’Allah!!!

  2. Okay bigots! You now have Obbo Temesgen bin Tiruneh as your mom and dad until you turn into a Moai. I have done some preliminary work for you. I remolded him into an Oromo for you so you can mumble and jumble with Oromummaa this and that with him until people think you have turned into a giggling wild ass.

    For now I would like to extend my best wishes to H.E. Obbo Temesgen bin Tiruneh in his new blessed endeavor as a leader in the diplomatic arena. In this day and age where that gem of the colored called Ethiopia is being besieged by bigots inside the country and here among our Diaspora also by certain ‘super power’ wannabes in the area, it needs all hands on deck diplomacy to discredit what is being thrown at her. This patriot is chosen for this crucial position before the month when that country’s most glorious moment was etched in stone on that fateful in February at the Battle of Adwa. History shows with documented facts that our forefathers had scored a series of diplomatic victories before the first shot was fired on the fields and ravines of Adwa. The French and British were there just a stone throw away chillin and watching while their white cousins were taking a licking nearby. Baratieri did not realize that his worst nightmare is waiting for him; a fire spitting nigger with a Hotchkiss gun on his lap!!! Besides regular soldiers and fez wearing gitlows, how many officers including three star generals did my niggaz capture on that day? I am going into a trance now and better stop here as the doctor ordered!!! Good luck sir!!!


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