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12 Oromia Police, Militia Forces Reportedly Killed as OLA launch ambush attack 

Oromia region of Ethiopia - Police
Jal Mero, Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) leader (file/CNN)


Twelve members of the Oromia region special police force and militia forces were reportedly killed in the region as the militant group, calling itself the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), launched an ambush attack.

The Ethiopian Media Service, based abroad, cited eyewitnesses from the area where the attack occurred. The incident took place on Monday of this week in Kore, located in the Guji zone, specifically in the Tifate locality.

Mohammed Kitamo, Head of Tifate Kebele, informed EMS that “Shene killed them.” “Shene” is the term government officials use to refer to the militant radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, known as “OLA.” Additionally, he mentioned that Defense Force members were not deployed to the area.

Gezahegne Endashaw, a staff member at Kele Primary Hospital and a health professional, verified the killings and informed EMS that nine of the bodies were brought to the hospital on Monday evening. Two other wounded security forces were also admitted. He added that the bodies were not taken to the hospital for a post-mortem examination; instead, they were loaded onto a vehicle, which remained at the hospital overnight. However, three bodies were laid to rest in the same town. Gezahegne also confirmed that the bodies he saw on the vehicle and the two wounded officers were wearing the uniforms of the region’s special police force and militia.

Reports of a mediation effort for the third round of talks between Shene and the federal government emerged this week. Local sources indicated that the United States’ special envoy to the Horn of Africa, Mike Hammer, is said to be in talks with the militant group to facilitate the discussion. During an interview on the occasion of the 88th anniversary of the Ethiopian Air Force in December 2023, Defense Chief of Staff, Field Marshal Berhanu Jula, announced that there would be one final round of talks with the OLA.

OLA is believed to be the military wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and has been operating in the Oromia region since Abiy Ahmed’s administration invited all armed opposition groups to the country after taking power in 2018. OLF is linked to the massacre of tens of thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians and kidnappings in the Oromia region. A few years ago, OLF declared that the military wing is no longer under the OLF organization.


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  1. I am very politely asking the following question. When I do that I don’t mean disrespect to this group and its armed members.
    What is the objective of the Fano movement? Does the group have a political program? If so where can we find and read all about it?
    Those groups wreaking havoc in Western Wallagaa have made their objective very clear. That is to liberate me and my upright Oromos. Their problem is my Oromos know how to single out a cross-eyed bee among a swarm of hundreds of thousands. To liberate me and my upright Oromos? My foot! Take it somewhere, connivers!!!!
    So What is Obbo Eskinder and his group’s objective/political program?

    Peace y’all!!!!

  2. There you have it. A group of hooligans who is having fits to liberate my Oromos takes pride killing Oromos themselves. I have been receiving reports how these thugs treat any Oromo they ‘capture’ working for the government. They kill such individuals in the most agonizing and gruesome way ever committed in the history of that region or country for that matter. They mutilate his Allah blessed body part by part while he is alive. Then they throw his quartered body to the wild predators to enjoy. I also have received reports that peasants where human body parts were strewn around had told these savages to stop doing that because the predators will form a taste for human flesh and their children would be in great danger. Then these demons started thrown the human body parts in rivers. These are not freedom fighters but rather human blood thirsty group devils.


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