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Ombudsman  confirms Service Delivery Gaps and Inconvenient Procedures in Government Institutions 

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA – (BORKENA) –Ethiopia’s Institution of Ombudsman has confirmed many service delivery gaps and inconvenient procedures in 15 government institutions, sources said.

The Institution decided to make public on January 18, 2024 the findings and recommendations of the measurement and evaluation of the performance of good governance it had conducted in the federal ministries from February 22, 2023 until January 09, 2024 

Based on the findings of the study, some of the reasons for administrative malfunction include failure to carry out the duties assigned by law, disregarding public opinion, failing to transparently communicate the decision-making process to the public, and not providing written documentation of the decision, according to a report by the Amharic Weekly, the Reporter.

It has been brought to attention that there is no data center available to disclose information that is mandated by law. Even if it exists, it does not work or provide any services. As a result, the public is not informed about the future activities or decisions of offices that are legally required to be disclosed. There is also a delay in providing information when requested, and work reports that are required by law are not submitted to the relevant body. In addition to these issues, there are transparency gaps in the study.

According to the Federal Ombudsman, government institutions are not equally accessible to all individuals who require their services. Women, children, people with disability, and the elderly are not adequately monitored and controlled. People who seek information are not treated fairly and equally, and citizens are not given equal opportunities to participate in the formulation of administrative guidelines.

The parameters used to evaluate the performance of the public ombudsman institution are effectiveness, accountability, transparency, fairness, and rule of law. It has been reported that the ministries of health, finance, agriculture, education, industry, and justice have demonstrated the best performance level in meeting these measures.

The ministries of women and social affairs, revenue, transport and logistics, tourism, urban and infrastructure, work and skills, trade and regional connections, as well as innovation and technology are ranked in the middle performance level.

As per the decree, the Institute has been carrying out investigations, control, information, and freedom of information enforcement work. Additionally, they have been examining the state of good governance in government offices, and making necessary improvements on a regular basis. 


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