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Ethiopia’s Retraction of MOU with Somaliland:  “Space for Mediation” condition 

Ethiopia Somalia Tension
Somalian President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud having conversation with Abiy Ahmed (Photo : file/PD)


Toronto – (borkena) – On Thursday, the Somali government issued a statement in response to the African Union Political Affairs Peace and Security resolution concerning the tension between Ethiopia and Somalia.

The government of Somalia stated “There is no space for mediation unless Ethiopia retracts its illegal MOU and reaffirm the sovereignty and  territorial integrity of Ethiopia…” 

Accusing Ethiopia of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia, the government claimed, “Somalia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity have been violated by Ethiopia when it signed an illegal MOU” with what it referred to as the “Northern region” of Somalia.

In a resolution passed this week, the African Union Political Affairs Peace and Security called on “the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Federal Republic of Somalia to exercise restraint, de-escalate and engage in meaningful dialogue towards finding a peaceful resolution of the matter, in the spirit of African solutions to African problems…”

Ethiopia and Somalia signed a cooperation MOU on January 1, 2024. Once finalized, the two countries are set to cooperate in various areas, including Defense. In exchange for recognition of the Somaliland government, among other things, the Ethiopian government is to obtain a 20-kilometer rental coastland from Somaliland.

The development has heightened tension in the region, with states and multilateral actors, including the African Union, expressing concern that the region could be heading towards conflict. While affirming the sovereignty of Somalia, they have been urging Ethiopia and Somalia to resolve their differences through dialogue.

Somalia has been engaging in political and diplomatic mobilization against Ethiopia, with Egypt seizing the opportunity to blame Ethiopia. Besides mobilizing the Arab League, which criticized Ethiopia, it has invited the leaders of Somalia and Eritrea to Cairo.

This week, Somalia redirected an Ethiopian Airlines chartered flight to Hargeisa after denying access to Somali airspace. The plane reportedly carried high-level Ethiopian government officials to Somaliland. Ethiopian Airlines has confirmed that Ethiopian Airlines flight was turned back to Addis Ababa. However, the Ethiopian government has not remarked on the development; it did not confirm or deny that Ethiopian authorities were in the plane that was denied Somalian airspace. 

There are also signs that Somalia is making preparations for military action if the MOU between Ethiopia and Somaliland is ratified. A considerable number of Ethiopians have expressed disagreement with Abiy Ahmed’s decision to sign the MOU with Somaliland. Some opposition parties – notably the Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice (EZEMA) have supported the MoU. 


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  1. You see, the Ethiopian government officials committed one major mistake when they signed the MOU with Somaliland. First and foremost they should have ontained permission from the masters of Somalia in Dubai, Doha, Muscat, Kuwait, Riyadh, and probably in Al-Qahirah. Once they get the green light from these masters and then they could have gotten the rubber stamped permission from Mogadishu. How did they miss that? I could have told them that even during my afternoon nap. You don’t just barge in and bypass the masters of the servile state. Don’t forget Somalia is a land of Arabs. I never knew you can escape being an abd/house nigger by becoming a member of an Arab League. Hey Abiy! Hey Ahmed Shide! Get the permission in writing from the Ol’ Cap’n Cotchipee’s in those capitals first and then you can head to Mogadishu to get it rubber stamped. See how easy and flawless it is!!!

  2. The diplomatic havoc caused by Abiy has become a boon to Somalia. Its govt has been busy with a flurry of fruitful diplomacy, asserting its soveriegnity and rebuilding its internarional image and standing. The Somali are uniting around a commom cause to fend off threate of violation of their territorial integrity, and the govt is keen to harnessing the energy. Somaliland is humbled, realizing that it is just a region of Somalia, one amongst equals. Abiy and his pathetic cronies are left holding an empty bag while leaving a
    embarrasaing stench in Ethio diplomacy. Even the media consumption of the MOU was short lived as FANO continued to beat drum of hope. The question is, what is Abiy’s next adventure gonna be? false flag ops?, War with Somalia?, Rcognition of Somaliland?… nothing is off the table in Abiy’s schitzo head. Good thing, Somalis can differentiate PP from Ethiopia, and know that a good number of Ethio sympathize with their frustration.


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