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Asfaw Meshesha, Esteemed Talk Show Host, Passed Away 

Asfaw Meshesha
Asfaw Meshesha on his “Ehudin Be EBS show” (Photo : EBS)


Toronto, (January 14, 2024 ) – Asfaw Meshesha, a distinguished television personality and talk show host, has regrettably passed away. The news of his demise surfaced on social media channels on Saturday evening.

Asfaw suffered a stroke in October 2023, prompting his medical travel to the United States for specialized medical care. His significant contributions to EBS Television spanned several years, beginning upon his return to Ethiopia from the United States where he had been residing.

Widely admired within and beyond Ethiopia, Asfaw played a pivotal role in the success of EBS. The television station covered the expenses related to his medical treatment and travel to the U.S. However, additional fundraising efforts were necessary, resulting in a remarkable community response that raised over $200,000 to offset the remaining medical costs.

At present, the family has not disclosed details regarding funeral arrangements or the timeline for flying his body back to Ethiopia.

Asfaw Meshesha is survived by his son, Samson (Japi) Asfaw.

Borkena expresses heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Asfaw Meshesha during this difficult time.


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  1. The last sentence sounds a bit abrupt or sensitive. To make it more considerate and respectful, you could rephrase it as follows:

    “At present, the family has not disclosed details regarding funeral arrangements or the timeline for bringing him back to Ethiopia.”

  2. I never had the chance to know this countryman but my thoughts and prayers go out to his loved ones.
    Meanwhile, I am hearing more and more news of our countrymen/women being stricken with a debilitating bombshell of stroke. Is it avoidable? Most medical experts tell us that in most cases it is avoidable. We the men do naturally to procrastinate when it comes to underlining conditions that affect our personal health. We tend to put it aside or postpone it in a back burner. Then one day it will hit us like a wall of brick. So dear countrymen/women! You know me by now that I have nothing but love for you even if we bitterly differ on issues regarding that gem of the colored and humanity that produced us all in which at the end of the day we brothers and sisters. Please look after yourself. Watch your weight especially your waistline, blood pressure and overall health status. Avoid khamr(alcohol) by all means and smoking cigarettes, eat healthy and try to do daily exercises. If you are not into routine of daily exercises, go out for a brief and brisk walk. If you can’t find a jogging trail or park or if it not safe for you to go out for a walk, do that in your room. This one is proper for those with high mileage in life like me. May The Almighty Our Creator look after you!!!

    May This Countryman Rest In Eternal Peace!!!!

    • “Men naturally procrastinate when it comes to underlining conditions that affect personal health.” You said it all.

      Men are hesitant and careless with their personal well-being. It is often said that one day, and then another, the state of one’s health will finally become irreversible. Elders recommend incorporating a healthy vegetarian diet, frequent exercise where one feels safe, including one’s village or home, etc. There is no magic or instant healing herb; just as alcohol or an unhealthy lifestyle bring an earthly life to an end little by little, a healthy lifestyle and a wholesome diet prolong life gradually. May Almighty God bring comfort and strength to his family and friends and rest his soul in peace. Amen.


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