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Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council ‘Unanimously’ Supports Ethiopia-Somaliland Deal

Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council - Somaliland deal


The Ethiopian Political Parties Joint Council released a statement on Thursday through its social media page expressing support for the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Ethiopia and Somaliland on January 1, 2024, in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

The council stated that it conducted a general meeting on January 9, 2024, during which the participating parties ‘unanimously’ endorsed the MoU between Ethiopia and Somaliland. This support came after a comprehensive evaluation of the agreement’s contents and discussions on opportunities and threats in connection with the MoU agreement. 

“Considering its implementation, we deliberated on internal and external opportunities and threats, and we wish to assure you that we stand united, expressing our determination to contribute to the success of the agreement,” the statement declared.

The council also urged political parties and the public to play a positive role in their respective capacities.

Established by 119 political parties that signed a covenant on Joint Procedural Rules, the Council, according to information from Ethiopia’s Electoral Board, aims to assist political parties in enforcing the Proclamation and addressing common agenda issues. Its purpose is to amicably resolve various implementation, democracy, and human rights issues arising during the election process while promoting the supremacy of the rule of law in Ethiopia.

The deal between Ethiopia and Somaliland 

Ethiopia has disclosed that the deal with Somaliland will be finalized one month after the agreement’s signing. Upon full execution, Ethiopia is set to acquire a 20-kilometer rental land along the Somaliland coast, intended for use as a military base and maritime commerce. In return, Somaliland will receive a percentage of shares from Ethiopia’s National Assets including the Ethiopian Airlines, along with various economic, social, and military cooperation, and recognition of statehood.

Although the MoU has sparked discontent in Somalia and some parts of Somaliland, it has prompted diplomatic conversations between Somalia and other nations in the region. This week, the Somalian President visited Eritrea to “update” President Isaias Afeworki on regional developments and received an invitation to visit Egypt. On Thursday, Egyptian President El-Sisi sent a message to Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki, delivered by Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Hassan Shoukry who arrived in Eritrea on Thursday. There are also opposition to the deal within Ethiopia too. Those who oppose it say it could make Ethiopia vulnerable and port is not a priority at this point. They say internal security and unity should have been the priority. 

There are expressed concerns about potential conflict between Ethiopia and Somalia over the MoU with Somaliland. The United States has urged Ethiopia and Somalia to resolve their differences through dialogue. 

Somalia and Ethiopia have a history of war and cooperation. In the 1970’s  Somalia invaded Ethiopia claiming up to 700 kilometers of land inside the Ethiopian border as Ethiopia was facing an internal crisis. Ethiopia, with support from Cuba, was able to defeat Somalia and recover all its lands occupied by Somalian forces. In the post-colonel Mengistu era, Somalia and Ethiopia were cooperating on security matters with recognition from the United Nations. Unofficial sources indicate  that up to 7,000 Ethiopian soldiers were killed in Somalia while on a peace-keeping mission spanning over two decades fighting the militant Al-Shababa. 

Ethiopia annually spends over $2 billion on port rental in Djibouti. Aside from the economic burden, Ethiopia has expressed security concerns arising from its geopolitical location in proximity to the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.


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  1. I commend the 119 political parties for airing their opinion about the MOU. But as expected the den of bigots had come out condemning it. I hope wise diplomacy will prevail to diffuse the senseless tension it created. I personally believe it should not come as a surprise and I suspect every leader in the region must have gotten the wind of it when it was still being discussed.
    But Egypt, Egypt, Egypt! It never skips a beat! What is the purpose of corralling the leaders of Somalia at this time? If someone fully understands the long held sinister motive of Egypt, it is Brother Isaias. Those halawa drunk leaders in Al-Qahirah may think it is the best time for them to go in and punish those unruly abds/niggers in Ethiopia. I don’t think Brother Isaias or our level head brothers and sisters in Somali would buy into that. If el-Sisi decides to send some of his panhandled F-16’s and SU-35’s to harm the dam, then he can kiss and say goodbye to every spoonful of water from the Blue Nile forever. That will definitely create an alluvial tsunami from the silt already accumulated behind the dam which will force the river to flow backwards. He may try to use our Eritrean brothers and sisters as a decoy from the north to tie up the ENDF and then send his lard behind soldiers ‘well trained’ for jungle warfare and grab a swath of land around the dam. Ooo-wee! What a genius plan!!! I want you to pick a song of goodbye written to the tune of Otis Redding’s 1963 smash hit ‘Pain In My Heart’ and I will. serenade The Blue Nile with it.

  2. Do you know who chairs the council? You got it!!! Ooo-wee!!! This is a serious blow to the bigots there and here among us and also to our confused philosophers every where!

    Everyone, silence!!! I am busy singing harimade ana haban!!!


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