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Egypt Extends Invitation To Eritrean President for Cairo Visit Amid Somalia-Ethiopia Tension

Egypt - Eritrea - Somalia
Egypt FM Sameh Shoukry ready to deliver Sisi’s message to Eritrean president Isaias Afeworki (Photo source: Eritrea’s Ministry of Information SM page)


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has sent a diplomatic message to Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki.  Foreign Minister Sameh H. Shoukry led a delegation to Asmara to deliver the message on Thursday.

Eritrea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs revealed that President Isaias met with Egyptian FM Shoukry at the Denden Guest House in the evening.

Reflecting on his visit, FM Shoukry stated, “The current visit, which is part & parcel of regular meetings between the two countries, is also aimed at reviewing the progress of implementation of previous bilateral agreements,”  as quoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Eritrea’s Ministry of Information reported that President Isaias Afeworki has received an invitation from the Egyptian President to visit Cairo. Both nations say they are working on  “strengthening bilateral ties & regional developments of mutual interest.”   In 2023, President Isaias made frequent visits to Egypt and recently conveyed congratulatory messages on President Sisi’s electoral victory. However, it remains unclear whether President Isaias has accepted the invitation to visit Cairo this time or not. 

The Egyptian FM’s visit to Asmara came days after a two-day working visit of Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, following tensions with Ethiopia over the Memorandum of Understanding signed with Somaliland. Notably, Eritrea has trained thousands of soldiers for Somalia.

Egypt has also extended an invitation to the Somalian President to visit Cairo. While Eritrea has not commented on Ethiopia’s deal with Somaliland, Egypt has expressed support for Somalia, viewing the agreement between Ethiopia and Somaliland as a violation of Somalian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The 2018 resolution of the no-peace-no-war state between Ethiopia and Eritrea led to bilateral cooperation across various sectors, including the military. However, this cooperation was short-lived. Some analysts attribute the rift to the Pretoria agreement, which concluded the conflict between the Abiy Ahmed-led Federal government and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). When Abiy Ahmed claimed access to the Red Sea in November 2023, Eritrea issued a concise statement asserting that it would not entertain the sea access issue and urged Eritreans not to be provoked.


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  1. Egypt, Egypt, Egypt! It never skip a beat! What is the purpose of corralling the leaders of Somalia at this time? If someone fully understands the long held sinister motive of Egypt, it is Brother Isaias. Those halawa drunk leaders in Al-Qahirah may think it is the best time for them to go in and punish those unruly abds/niggers in Ethiopia. I don’t think Brother Isaias or our level head brothers and sisters in Somali would buy into that. If el-Sisi decides to send some of his panhandled F-16’s and SU-35’s to harm the dam, then he can kiss and say goodbye to every spoonful of water from the Blue Nile forever. That will definitely create an alluvial tsunami from the silt already accumulated behind the dam which will force the river to flow backwards. He may try to use our Eritrean brothers and sisters as a decoy from the north to tie up the ENDF and then send his lard behind soldiers ‘well trained’ for jungle warfare and grab a swath of land around the dam. Ooo-wee! What a genius plan!!! I want you to pick a song of goodbye written to the tune of Otis Redding’s 1963 smash hit ‘Pain In My Heart’ and I will. serenade The Blue Nile with it.

  2. Oops! My mistake. I just received a holler on my ham radio from the brigade commander of the indomitable Misr army. He told me it did not take an hour to annihilate the entire eastern army of Ethiopia and has reached the eastern bank of Awash in just less than two hours. He was accompanied by Af-Mishar, the cousin of the late Af-Weyne Ziyad Barre. Af-Mishar was able to convert my Itu clan to Somali Abo and the Afars in the area to Somali-Aika. He told me he know has taken possession of the eastern part of Ethiopia into the new Empire of Somali Weyne and proved to the world that US foreign policy on the Horn of Africa was flawed for decades until he corrected it.

  3. Subject: “Egypt Extends Invitation To Eritrean President for Cairo Visit Amid Somalia-Ethiopia Tension” January 12, 2024

    Humble Opinion, 12 Jan 2024

    a) QUOTE:”Egypt Extends Invitation To Eritrean President for Cairo Visit” UNQUOTE

    b) To be honest, Egypt has NEVER had any respect for BLACK AFRICANS >>> “ABID” as they call us

    c) Therefore, it can NEVER be assumed a positive attitude toward us from Egypt. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER

    d) Fortunately, President Isaias Afeworki is a very shrewd and knowledgeable person to know the negative attitude of
    Egyptians upon the BLACK AFRICAN RACE.

    e) Please, intensely observe the Photo of the Egyptian Representative!!!

    f) At any cost they want (beg !?!? ) to have their own way.

    g) Without shame, the representative tries to fool the President of Eritrea!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    h) The shrewd representative did not know with whom he was talking about political affairs. .


  4. “Egypt FM Sameh Shoukry ready to deliver Sisi’s message to Eritrean president Isaias Afeworki”

    For Egypt’s interest, of course

    a). Fortunately, Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki knows it, back and forth, up side down etc

    b). Black Africa is on its own pedestal in world affairs

    c). And. we all know the world-image on our Black Africa.

    d). As the French put it. >>> C’est la Vie

    e). Indeed, Black Africa stands on its own natural supporters.

    f). And the World is NOT embarrassed — after all it is ONLY BLACK Africa, as they say.

    g). In that case, may the good LORD, UP IN HEAVEN, come to the rescue of the Black Race

    THE END.


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