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Battle Reported in Gondar City, Resulting in 14 Deaths, Including Civilians

Gondar City (SM)


Reported fighting erupted in Gondar city between Fano Forces and Ethiopian Defense Forces. Local news sources confirm the incident occurred primarily on Saturday, mainly affecting Azezo and Kebele 18 localities within the city. Complete calm has yet to be restored.

The conflict coincided with the Ethiopian Christmas celebration, disrupting business activities, imposing transportation restrictions, and forcing residents in affected areas to spend the holiday under challenging circumstances.

Ethio News, citing sources from the area, reported that government forces employed artillery and heavy weaponry in Gondar—a historical city that is one of the prominent tourist destinations in the region. Up to 14 people, including civilians, are reported to have been killed.

Allegedly, officials from the ruling Prosperity Party fled the city, seeking refuge in military camps belonging to the Defense Force stationed in the area, as per local sources.

Ongoing reports are suggesting that Fano Forces continue to engage the Defense Force in parts of the city not previously mentioned.

Neither the Ethiopian government nor the Amhara regional state released a statement to clarify the security situation in the city and/or the reported casualties.

Despite earlier claims by the Ethiopian Defense Force and government regarding the restoration of normalcy in the Amhara region, multiple reports from local sources confirm active engagements between Fano forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force in various parts of the region.

Last week, Fano Forces entered Debre Berhan town, situated just 120 kilometers north of the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. They occupied the city for several hours and a joint operation involving the Defense Force, Anti-riot police, and local militia forces fought for hours before the Fano forces withdrew from the city.

Government structures across different parts of the region either lack functionality or are unable to provide public services due to security concerns.

The Amhara regional state recently extended an ultimatum to Fano forces to surrender, claiming that over 5,000 Fano fighters have surrendered. However, Fano forces categorically reject this assertion as entirely false.

Amhara regional state last week extended an ultimatum to Fano forces to surrender after ones that were issued twice elapsed. However, the administration made claims that over 5,000 Fano fighters have surrendered – a claim that Fano forces reject as utter falsehood.


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  1. What is the long-term objective of such prolonged engagements? The oro govt thinks it has the state machinery, so it will slowly scalp and roast poor Amhara (which is already the poorest kilil of all). Then as the region goes to waste and the Amhara are annihilated, it will leave a desert place called Amhara – end of story. The Oromia Republic can then be born


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