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Fano forces battled Ethiopian troops in Debre Berhan 

Debre Birhan - Ethiopian News
Debre Berhan City (Photo : File)


Fano forces reportedly engaged Ethiopian Defense in Debre Berhan city which is located about 120 kilometers north of the capital Addis Ababa. 

DW Amharic cited residents from Debre Birhan to report Fano forces fought against Ethiopian troops for hours in the city.  Fano forces were in control of a section of the city and roamed in the city for many hours before they withdrew. 

The Defense Force was able to take back the city in the afternoon. Normalcy was restored ; transportation was available and businesses were operating. 

Ethio News, a local news provider, reported, on Wednesday, confirming that there was a fighting in Debre Berhan. There was an exchange of gunfire overnight and Fano forces took control of many areas of the town in the morning, according to the source. 

The source also said that militia forces in the town were involved in the fighting and as many as 10 militias were reportedly killed. 

The casualty on the part of Fano is unknown and the Ethiopian gov’t has not released a statement regarding the incident. 

In a related development, continued fighting is reported in North Wollo – in the Wurgesa area – where government troops have reportedly shelved rural communities with artillery and other weapons. Similarly, there are reports of fighting in Gondar and Gojjam. 


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