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Abiy’s foot soldiers are about to be driven out of Amhara land by Fano

Abiy’s foot soldiers are about to be driven out of Amhara land by Fano, and Abiy is using drones in a desperate attempt, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians. 

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By Kaleab Tessema

Abiy and his vacuous general, Berhanu Jula, thought they could easily crush and disarm the Amhara Fano within a short period of time. On the contrary, Fano’s forces emerged victorious, defeating Abiy’s soldiers, acquiring their heavy weaponry, and asserting dominance over almost all regions. Abiy quickly realized Fano’s dominance in the fight and responded by launching drone attacks and heavy artillery shelling on civilian residences, leading to the merciless murder of countless innocent individuals. As a matter of fact, a cowardly person is brutal, willing to murder without mercy when given the chance. Abiy is both brutal and narcissistic, suffering from a mental health condition known as “narcissistic personality disorder”, characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance. 

Women and children are victims of heinous acts during this systematic elimination of countless lives. By committing these acts of violence, not only are basic human rights principles violated, but also the value of human life is completely ignored. The international community should have condemned Abiy for his complicity and evilness in using drones to kill innocent Amhara civilians indiscriminately, which is a genocidal act.

Sadly enough, the western countries blatantly ignored the Amhara genocide, but during the Abiy-TPLF war two years ago, the security council repeatedly held open meetings against Abiy, as requested by Ireland with the support of the US, United Kingdom, and some European nations. In fact, during TPLF’s 27-year rule, they strategically invested Ethiopian wealth to gain allies in western countries, showing that the US and certain European nations supported the TPLF in the war against Abiy. The US and United Kingdom’s unfair stance against Amhara would not surprise the Amharas. The Amhara people have had a history of being targeted by foreign invaders, like the aggression from fascist Italy in 1935, which persists to this day. Our forefathers fought fearlessly against fascist Italy, and today Fano is showing immense bravery in its resistance against the savage Oromumma government.

 It is truly pathetic how the US government turned a blind eye to the ongoing Amhara genocide under an incapable, barbarous regime. In fact, two years ago, during a press conference, President Baden made a shocking and biased remark about the war between Abiy and TPLF, demanding the withdrawal of the Amhara special forces from Tigray, a fact that was not publicly known. Amhara’s special forces have never entered Tigray, but it was the TPLF forces that invaded Amhara’s land. Of course, the TPLF supporters falsely led the President to believe that Welkait was part of Tigray. Let’s not forget that the US financed and provided logistical materials to the TPLF while they were fighting as guerrillas against the Marxist regime. A day will come when the US stands alongside the Amhara people. The only way to stop Amhara’s suffering and deaths is by defeating its enemies. The OLF has been relentlessly working to annihilate the Amhara people for the past half-century. 

In the early 1991s, Berhanu Nega and Genenew Assefa organized the international conference on the Horn of Africa in New York City sponsored by City University of New York chancellor Murphy, which was heavily influenced by anti-Ethiopia groups TPLF, Shabia, and OLF. Luckily, I attended the conference where the guest speaker was a representative from OLF, who was in his early 60s with gray hair. The OLF speaker was criticizing the Amhara people, indicating that in the US city, all Ethiopian restaurants are owned by Amharas, while Oromos have no one. The audience thought his disgruntlement with Amharas was funny, so they laughed at him. To me, his repugnant speech towards Amhara was not as funny as I initially thought. The speech was dangerous, and the Amhara should not have dismissed it as frivolous. The connivance of the OLF with the Amhara people was not recent, it was long ago. Abiy and his subordinate extremist Oromos now have the chance to use drones for bombing innocent Amharas. Not taking Oromo’s extremist propaganda seriously was a mistake made by the Amhara in the past. Nevertheless, the Oromumma’s diabolical action on the Amhara is a transient, and the Fano’s strength is impregnable, and they will soon reverse this horrendous crime against the Amharas. It is an impending fact!

Let me take a moment to jot down some thoughts on Berhanu Nega. Through common friends, I have had the chance to meet Berhanu Nega on a few occasions in New York in 1991. During those short meetings with Berhanu, I observed his strong support for TPLF and OLF, as he consistently emphasized the importance of peace for Ethiopia and the removal of Derg. I was struck by his insistence that power should shift to the south this time. He continued mentioning that for the past two centuries, Ethiopia has been ruled by northerners in rotation. So, resolving the Oromo’s question is crucial for peace in Ethiopia. During the conversation, he employed diplomatic language that avoids offending others. 

Without a doubt, Berhanu Nega is untrustworthy and driven by a desire for political power and an intrigue person. As widely known by all, he left his teaching job in the US in pursuit of a high-level position in Ethiopia but was not given any opportunities by the late Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi. Unlike Abiy, Meles was not easy. For his own advantages, he used to be involved with the Amhara society in terms of social life. The Amhara people did not really know Berhanu until his true colors were revealed. What he is doing right now to the Amhara people is proof. I am acquainting the viewers with the fact that Berhanu Nega holds a negative view of the Amhara people. Regardless of how long it takes, Berhanu should be held accountable for the crime he is committing against the Amhara people while collaborating with the Oromummaa government.

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