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Failure to pay monthly salary of teachers, health professionals brings dire consequences: EHRC

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission
Ethiopian government recently criticized the commission in connection with its right abuse report

By Staff Reporter

ADDIS ABABA –(BORKENA) – The monthly payment of teachers and health professionals in Hadiya Zone of Central Ethiopia has completely stopped and the community is facing serious problems as a consequence, Ahadu Radio FM 94.3 reported here yesterday. 

The radio quoted Director of the Socio-Economic Rights Department at the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, Brightman Gebremichael (Dr.), as saying that over 650,000 citizens including 16,000 students in Shone Town of Hadiya Zone have been out of education services due to the termination of teachers’ monthly payments.

Brightman Gebremichael said that the violation of the right of teachers and health professionals to pay their monthly salary since August 2023 has an adverse impact on the society in Hadiya Zone. He further noted that in consequence the community is being exposed to unexpected distress.

Although regions are established for self-governance and making the basic needs of the community accessible, facts on the ground show that the communities are being exposed to serious problems and harassment as they have not been served to the level of their requirements, according to the Director.

Appreciating the initial measures being taken to solve the problem, the Director underscored that the government has the obligation to pay the monthly salary of the workers. That will bring about a lasting solution, according to him.


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