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Egypt Alleges ‘Hidden Goals’ in Ethiopian Dam Water holding capacity 

Egypt - Ethiopia _ Dam
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Photo : PD/file)


Egypt appears to be reverting to a more threatening strategy against Ethiopia concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) after the breakdown of the fourth round of talks.

Earlier this week, Ahram, an Egyptian media outlet, cited the country’s Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, Hani Sewilam, as stating that “Addis Ababa is building the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to exhert political dominance over the Nile River, in addition to the declared purpose of generating electricity.”  The source indicated that the Minister made this remark during an interview with Al-Arabia.

Following the collapse of the fourth round of talks, Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement emphasizing that Egypt’s assertion of colonial-era dominance over the Nile complicated reaching an agreement on the filling and operation of GERD. Egypt has laid claim to a “historical right” over the Nile river, based on the 1959 agreement colonial era agreement, to which Ethiopia is not a signatory. More than 85 percent of the Nile’s water originates from the Ethiopian highlands.

Hani Sewilam, appointed as Minister of Water and Irrigation in August 2022, was quoted as saying,  “There are other hidden goals inferred from Ethiopia’s formulations during talks, its approach towards the dam, and the exaggerated size of the dam reservoir.” 

Ethiopia has declared its intentions regarding the construction of what is said to be the largest dam in Africa. Over 60 percent of the Ethiopian population lacks access to electricity. Apart from generating electricity, Ethiopia aims to utilize the saddle dams and smaller lakes created upon project completion for fishing and tourism.

Ambassador Seleshi Bekele, leader of the Ethiopian negotiating team and former Minister for Water and Irrigation, held a press briefing with journalists in Addis Ababa after the fourth round of negotiations ended without an agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia cited him as saying that “Ethiopia is committed to addressing outstanding issues and reaching an amicable solution to the use of the Nile water resources guided by the principle of equitable and reasonable use without causing significant harm to downstream countries”.

Ethiopia has completed four rounds of filling the dam reservoir, currently retaining 42 billion cubic meters of water. Upon completion, the dam is expected to retain over 74 billion cubic meters of water.

This year, the Ethiopian government announced that over 95 percent of GERD’s construction is completed and aims to finish it by the end of the Ethiopian year. Given Ethiopia’s economic challenges, notably its inability to pay an interest payment of $33 million to its creditors, it raises questions about whether the Ethiopian government will manage to complete the dam by year-end. 


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  1. What are the options on the table for Egypt? The dam has been filled more than three times during which Egypt or Sudan has not lost a single spoonful of water reaching their countries. So what is the problem? Aha! That Superpower Wannabe day dreaming! The people of Ethiopia, those black folks, never did anything to harm their neighbors near or afar. All they want to do with the dam is getting rid of their living in darkness. Is it not their birth right? Those sugar drunk reckless leaders in Al-Qahirah are playing with fire. They had told those innocent black folks that all options are on the table. What are they? If they decide to send some of their pan-handled F-16’s and SU-35’s and sonic-boom the dam, the river may change its current course forever. There is so much silt already built up behind the dam that any harm done to it may create what hydrologists call an alluvial tsunami forcing the Blue Nile to flow in reverse forever. Then Egypt can kiss and say goodbye to the river.

  2. Let Egypt wake up and make sensible suggestions to it’s neig. Those colonial agreements will get them no where.
    As this happens the dam is filling !

  3. Dear Egypt, are you still in the business of constantly looking for who to blame? You better try to act like an adult and take responsibility to figure out how to fix your problem. You need to firmly commit yourself to respectful relationship with ur neighbor as sovereign states instead of moaning like a spoiled child always accusing Ethiopia of your own abuses. Don’t you feel that you have been overtaken by your own self-centered desire?
    One thing that amuses me is, it seems you feel somehow destined to set your neighbors all straight. You better draw your attention to what people are trying to tell you. They are telling you in no uncertain terms that you CAN NOT step in and allow the Nile river flow to you without proper procedures into it. It is NOT a no-man’s-land affair.
    The more you argue against GRD telling Ethiopia how much water to release, the more you expose your greed and tyranny. What is wrong here? Just because you do not agree on something does not make it wrong. Take the blinders off your eyes and see the facts.
    bi bi

  4. If the Egyptian elites came to the table and agreed on the issue with Ethiopia, then they would loss their power through political upheaval. So they must work hard in disguise that they realy care for the their own people. However this is an illusion for thre is nothing changed as far as Gerd is concerned, the Dam has been under construction and Egyptians have still been in their colonial time merriment!
    The other thing is that here in Ethiopia, the Govnt has a full support of the people for the project because it is a national agenda for 86% of the water is from.Ethiopia,but in Egypt the agenda is based on colonial right. So it is not right in the contemporary global thinking!

    The nile will flow as usual untile the baiblical prophecy comes to display itself and Ethiopia with Gerd will shine together!

    ‘The Camels will walk while the Dogs Bark’


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