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Abiy Ahmed, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, Gambled to his Downfall

By  Taye Andargachew

Abiy Ahmed Ali acts as if he is a composed, decent, and well-behaved leader on TV or in public spaces. He looks harmless, like a sheep. He wants to interact with kids playing football, hug leaders tightly, attend house-to-house prayer events, show up at people’s homes to provide comfort in times of tragedy, and more. He wants to be perceived as a caring human being, and he plays this role very well. Mothers fall for his tricks. Young children liked him and started to be like him.  However, it is disturbing to note that he is willing to kill millions more, even after witnessing the deaths of 1.5 million people in various conflicts he has actively engaged in over the past three years. This is unprecedented in the country’s history and even the entire African continent. Abiy Ahmed is arguably the deadliest leader of the 21st century so far. Reports suggest that he takes pleasure in ordering drone attacks on civilians daily. To him, it is like a computer game that he never had the chance to play as a child. In video games, kids kill many virtual characters, but Abiy Ahmed likes to buy gadgets that he can use to indiscriminately kill in real life. This was evident during the Tigray war, and he continues this behavior pattern in the Amhara region.

He is the real wolf who is dressed in sheep’s clothing. He acts as if he is a friendly and straightforward person. He looks like harmless. He speaks as if he is a nice person. He does not reserve himself to say borrowed phrases like “ I am my brother’s keeper” while he is a person who actively murders people using Drones borrowed from the UAE, drones bought from Iran and Turkey, heavy weapons he bought using tax money, and Aid money. He got a Nobel prize since he used opportunities by behaving like a nice person. But he is not a sheep; he is a real wolf. On his watch, millions are starving while he is eager to build a 15 billion dollar palace using every bit of dollar he gets from IMF, World Bank, EU, UAE, etc. There are around six million IDPs in the country. For him, these people are losers and act as if they do not exist. 

The worst of all the leaders so far

Why is he such a cold-blooded person who has no sense? His life goal is to be a king. He believes he can do whatever he wants in the country, just like kings do. They build palaces, parks, and buildings so that future generations remember their names. However, he has missed one thing. He will be remembered more for the evil things he has done and continues to do than the good things he desires to do to secure his place in history.  Everyone now knows that he is a gambler who has lost everything.

Emperor Tewodros is remembered as a hero who tried to unite the country and did not surrender to the English marching to capture him. He was also criticized for his brutal handling of priests and the church. Emperor Yohannes was a religious warrior who died fighting against the Derbuish. He, too, faced criticism for his harshness in certain parts of the country. Emperor Menelik II is widely remembered as an African hero, although he also faced some criticism. The Derg regime, a brutal communist government, killed many youths in the 60s and 70s. Meles Zenawi, through the TPLF party, developed the country but saw division among the ethnic groups. However, Abiy Ahmed’s government will be remembered in a similar light to that of Nazi Germany. The number of people killed, the level of violence, his stubbornness to continue killing, and the potential for more killings in Oromia, Tigray, and Amhara will be documented in history books. He will not have a good reputation after antagonizing the three largest ethnic groups in the country. He works hard for bling bling display, but he is a hard rock bloodsucker. Reports have come out several times that the military general wants to give up fighting in the Amhara region since hundreds of thousands of soldiers have died, and they see no way out of the conflict. It is only his insistence on continuing to fight at any cost that the war is continuing even using Drones on civilians.

He betrayed and undermined his strategic partners repeatedly.

Ask Lemma Megersa, Gedu Andargachew, Yohannes Boyalew, Taye Dendea, and others who significantly contributed to his accession to power. Two were thrown out of power, and the others were imprisoned without a credible reason. He demolished the EPRDF and started a new party called the Prosperity Party (PP). At the start of his reign, he was very close to the Amhara region PP, but now he works closely with TPLFites by abandoning the Amhara PP. He was closely working with the Eritrean leadership to attack the TPLF. Eritreans helped him to win, but now he is waging war against them. During the two-year war with TPLF, he begged and admonished Fano to defend their country, and they helped him protect his power from the fierce aggression of TPLF/TDF forces from Tigray. After the Pretoria arrangement, he is going against Fano and has even waged war in the past six months. He aligned himself with most Ethiopians in the first two years of his reign. Most diasporas supported him in many ways: economically, publicly, digitally, diplomatically, and through propaganda. He turned his back and aligned himself with extreme Oromo ethnic gangs who managed to capture the state in a secretive way during the two-year war with Tigray. Note that these gangs do not represent most of the Oromo people, just as TPLFites did not represent the Tigray people. In both cases, the gangs who managed to control the systems in an organized way enriched themselves, not the people whom they claimed to represent. If you go to Tigray, you will see how the people suffer. If you go to Oromia, you will see how messy the region has been for the past five years. He has moved away from party politics to a gang-based system or oligarchy system. Political parties, parliament, institutions, and so on have no meaningful existence in the country.

He is not dependable for bilateral relations.

We show that he is not faithful to his friends, to parties, to peoples of Oromo, Amhara or Tigray. Not only that he is not even faithful to any bilateral relations. We mentioned his bilateral relationship with the Eritrea government. Due to his engagement with Eritrea he got the Nobel prize but now he is waging war with Eritrea. He tried to reconcile the forces in Sudan but now he is the most untrusted person for the Sudan opposing parties. Kenya welcomed his accession to power, but now he is back stubbing Kenya in many ways. Somaliland and Djibouti are skeptical of him right now due to his recent claim of Ethiopia owning the port by hook or crook.  EGAD countries see him as the most untrustable and not dependable person. 

He travels to the USA and promises to kill or remove the Eritrean leader for them. He also claims to die for the USA and later he joins the BRICS block and brags about it as a diplomatic success. After a while he travels to Russia and China to claim an effective bilateral relation. He then travels to Europe to show his aliens with EU leaders. He also travels to Saudi Arabia and UAE to get their special attention and help.  He thinks he can outsmart them all. He is only looking for their money so that he can build the palace he is craving to build; their military power  to squash the forces who are against his power.  He defends his throne at any cost. 

He can kill many millions more if he stays in power

He aspires to be a mighty man, not only in Africa but in the world. He recently claimed on national TV that Ethiopia will be the second most powerful nation in the world by 2050. No one knows whether he is thinking of surpassing China, Russia, or the UAE, but he aspires to stay in power for at least 40 years, like King Haile Selassie, to witness this vision come to fruition. Imagine if this individual possessed nuclear power, long-range missile technology, and satellites in space. We are aware that he aspires to acquire these capabilities in secret. He would become the most dangerous man on the planet, posing a threat to humanity. If he was willing to sacrifice 1.5 million lives out of Ethiopia’s population of 120 million in just three years to maintain his power, he would not hesitate to kill a hundred million people among the global population of 8 billion to retain his dominance within a short period. This is the monster currently present in Ethiopia. The world is distracted by various other priorities: the China-USA Cold War, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the Israel-Palestinian conflicts, UAE and Saudi competition for dominating the Red Sea and Gulf, and more. However, a monster is emerging in the African horn, ready to claim the lives of millions with his deceptive appearance.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing

He professes that he is a protestant believer. He learnt the skill of preaching, calmness and looking decent by participating in those churches. However, he is not strong in his faith. That is why he is taken away by false preachers’ doctrine.   Some of his thinking and leading strategies are copied from the teachings of these false teachers. The prosperity gospel concept dominates his perception of life. That is why he wants to build and see things which are fancy even though the nation is craving to feed its own citizens. He is no good for any person (friend), group of people in the country, or strategic partner country in the world.  It is a matter of time when he fails everyone. He is unstable. The worst of all is that he is stubborn and unwilling to repent, unwilling to change and unwilling to accept his own mistakes.  It is time that all act collectively to stop this madman on the top of the helmet in the country before it becomes too late. 

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  1. Who told you Abiy is of an a wolf race just like Hitler? I have his birth certificate right here in my hand. His father was a Filipino and his mother was a Sami from Norway. His parents met as refugees. His father fled from Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship of The Philippines and his mother narrowly escaped the communist regime in Norway. So stop saying Abiy is from a German Aryan race. I got his birth certificate from Gondar and Afdem hospitals right here in my pocket. I am gonna put for auction on eBay, Christie’s and Sotheby’s on New Year’s Day. It will be worth in 7 figure numbers!!!
    Hey Ittu! There wasn’t a hospital and not even a clinic in Afdem in the 1970’s.
    You don’t believe me because you are an Oromummaa, Neftegna and Woyane. These hate Abiy even before they knew he existed.


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